002: Protect Your Rental Income | Phil Schofield

Schofields kindly lent us their marketing expert and family member, Phil Schofield, so we could take his knowledge of the trials and tribulations holiday home owners may face during their business journey, and what Holiday Home Insurance can do to ease the way and protect your rental income.

Phil’s guiding principal that was a running theme throughout the interview was the importance of maintaining your holiday let property. Having a complete schedule to ensure every aspect of your property is clean, safe and up to date is of paramount importance. Phil’s example is worst case scenario-a poorly maintained oil tank leaking can run into thousands of pounds worth of damage and could put your property, and therefore your rental income, out of action for months.

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Ultimately insuring your holiday let property, is to protect your rental income and protect your business.

In this information packed episode we talk about:

  • Who needs insurance
  • What it covers
  • What isn’t covered
  • How to estimate the required cover
  • The costs involved
  • How to get cover
  • When to get help
  • How you can protect yourself, your property and protect your rental income against having to make a claim
  • If a claim situation arises where to turn first

Learn how to Protect Your rental income at your holiday let/vacation rental property in this episode of the popular podcast Holiday Let Success. Listen on iTunes

You can download Phils article ’10 Insurance Pitfalls to Avoid; Don’t blow your holiday home cover’ for free HERE-enjoy!

My recommendation when choosing holiday home insurance is that it’s specific, comprehensive and the company are experienced as you’ll only know how good they are when you claim-Schofields offers relief to Holiday Home Owners in their hour of need should that claim situation arise, with empathetic service and support  at that vital time-like Phil says ‘there’s not much they’ve not encountered in their 30 year history’ So a calm voice and knowledge of your situation are paramount and provided

Get expert Phil Schofield’s FREE download; 5 Changes to make Your Rental More Successful HERE

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