004: Podcasting for More Exposure, Enquiries & Bookings | Heather Bayer

Holiday Let Blog as a Podcast?

Vacation Rental Success Podcast host Heather Bayer joined me to chat about ensuring your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental prospers; including how podcasting could be the future for your Holiday Let Business!

I was lucky enough to be joined on the show by the hugely inspirational Heather Bayer of cottageblogger.com. Heather has been in the vacation rental business for many years and is extremely well equipped to give us all as holiday home owners lots of actionable advice and guidance on how to have our businesses the best that they can be for one simple reason-she has learnt by doing!

This is a business, not a hobby

Heather has been through the ups and downs of renting out her own holiday rentals/vacation rentals and has run vacation rental businesses both in the UK and in Ontario, Canada where she now lives. Listen to her story and learn more about Heather and all the experience she has in this brilliant industry.

Heather’s key advice:

The best piece of advice Heather would offer to anyone in the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry and the over riding take-away from this episode is:

“Once you start advertising your property you become a provider in the travel & tourism industry. You’re taking on a massive responsibility, and if you’re not prepared to do that and become a host and deliver hospitality to a level that people now expect, don’t do it.”

Podcasting for More Exposure, Enquiries and Bookings for your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental business

Heather talks about why she feels that every holiday home/vacation rental owner should be podcasting for their business, get more exposure, more enquiries and ultimately more bookings.

Check out these incredible resources to kick start your own podcast


Podcasters Paradise created by John Lee Dumas of the Entrepreneur On Fire Podcast.

John Lee Dumas has created a 7 day a week podcast interviewing successful entrepreneurs. From this he has created the supportive community, Podcasters Paradise, that both Heather and I are part of. Email me if you’d like to chat about my experience of the group, I’d be pleased to help!

Podcasting is on the increase and more and more businesses, individuals and entrepreneurs see the huge opportunity in using this medium to showcase themselves and their businesses through a podcast show. It is no longer reserved for the big companies, internet marketers and business pioneers – it’s a platform available to anyone with a message to share. John Lee Dumas shook the podcasting world with his 7-day a week show interviewing successful entrepreneurs from every industry, and then launching Podcasters Paradise.
Podcasters Paradise is a complete training programme with videos to support your every step, there’s a forum, plus a hugely active community of podcasters in the private facebook group, plus webinars with successful podcasters. As John Lee Dumas says-Everything you need to Create, Grow and Monetize your podcast.

Pat Flynn from the Smart Passive Income Podcast gives a hugely useable get started guide on How to podcast

Pat Flynn is an absolute must if you are internet marketing in any way-which as a holiday home owner I know you will be! He is the tried and tested king of the internet and as soon as he has mastered something, he shares that information with listeners of the his great podcast and of course on his blog, and the information he shares is absolutely free.
In six videos, this step-by-step tutorial covers every aspect of producing a podcast, starting with 5 things you need to do before you start, to the equipment required; where to host your podcasts and how to publish them to the world and get them seen by your audience.

For the whole picture, the epic course that will teach everything from the podfather of podcasting, Cliff Ravenscraft

Heather is a graduate of the AtoZ course and wholeheartedly recommends it as the “gold standard in training” to become a highly proficient podcast host. This was the launchpad for Vacation Rental Success.

This is a full on one month of online training and one-to-one coaching with Cliff, one of the podcasting industry’s top experts. On Heathers course there were 20 students, each with their own coaching page on the A-Z website where they had access to Cliff when needed.
The video library covered the initial set up of equipment (complete with maps of cables-as Heather mentioned in the interview!) to creation of a WordPress site, artwork, editing software, podcast promotion and much more. Heather also mentioned she still has complete access to the A-Z alumni Facebook group which offers advice, support and resources.

It’s a hefty, but worthwhile investment and you can get the $500 discount that Heather very kindly offered to our listeners on Cliff’s AtoZ of Podcasting course by clicking hereand entering the discount code ‘cottage’ when you get to the checkout.

So to recap – Why does Heather think you should be podcasting?

“There is a huge audience out there wanting to hear about your location. They are sitting in cars going to work, walking their dogs in the evening, going on a run or at the gym, and likely they are thinking about their next vacation. Tell them why they should come to your neck of the woods.
And at the end of your show, give them a call to action. Send them to your website where they can find out more and book the vacation rental of their dreams.”

Plus it’s lots of fun!!

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