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Vacation Rental Insider

From Property investor to Overseas property investor to Vacation Rental owner to podcast host. Taylor history and experience across these ever changing property markets is clear in his interview, he thinks a little differently and that’s why he is able to make his investment work in whichever market he has invested in.

Since launching his podcast, The Overseas Property Investor Insider, Taylor has got to know some of the people at the top of the Vacation Rental/Holiday Let game and he shares some of their lessons here: From Jasper Ribbers to Thibault Maisson, past guest Heather Bayer, Mikey Rox and John Grey of HomeAway.

Taylor’s starting point into property started with reading, listening to others already doing the same and networking with those people. Take a look at these resources Taylor talked about and maybe you’ll find something that resonates with you that you can implement into your own Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business-the vacation rental insider hot list!
Taylor White‘s own website is filled with ideas and advice on the property industry, from many angles. The three episodes of Taylors podcast that I think are an absolute listen for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental owners:

  1. Jasper Ribbers on How To Maximize Profit From Your Airbnb Listing. Check out Jasper’s Book on Amazon
  2. 30 Vacation Rental Insiders Reveal Most Exciting Area Of Their Business
  3. Thibault Masson Reveals Vacation Rental Tips (To Making Big Money)

You can also listen to Heather Bayer on Holiday Let Success podcast here. She also has her own podcast The Vacation Rental Success Podcast had written an incredible book, benefit from her wealth of experience HERE

Taylor’s no-brainer’s! Free to list, pay on a booking:

  • Air BnB ‘Rent unique places to stay from local hosts in 190 countries’ These are the guys Taylor so rightly says are disrupting the Vacation Rental Industry, they are a must visit!
  • HomeAway The big guys-1 million home listings, you have to stand out! Scroll up to check out Heathers book on how to do this!
  • Flipkey By Trip Advisor-Find the perfect Vacation Rental. Keep listening in to the podcast and listen to your guests for what they want.
  • Taylor also mentioned checking out Larry Klimczyk from ivhe.com (International Vacation Home Exchange) Another shake up that you need to be aware of so you can be the best you can be, knowing all the huge range of options people have to travel and stay.
  • Mikey Rox Exposes His Micro Subletting Secrets To Big Rental Returns also on Taylors podcast. A new wave, you don’t even need to have an actual Vacation Rental, just some extra space!
  • WOW-I think you’ll agree this was an action packed show!! I hope you enjoy working your way through all this awesomeness!!

Huge thanks to Taylor for coming on the show and sharing his knowledge and exciting future of the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business.

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