008: Gay Friendly Vacation Rental | Louise Brace

Ep 008: Gay Friendly Vacation Rental | Louise Brace

Gay Friendly Vacation Rental Accommodation-It’s the attitude that counts

What makes accommodation gay-friendly? Is there a distinction? Louise and I discuss these questions and more so that we as holiday home owners are able to offer the best of the best to our audience of guests, and do it right!

So what did we find out: Ultimately it’s all in the first impression. Get to know your guest before they arrive and make sure you’re a great fit based on their interests and reasons for visiting the area.

The gay friendly travel industry is huge and growing

 Listen in to hear just how big it is and how you can best accommodate guests, we also talk about:

  • Travel trends in the out gay community
  • How holiday home owners can create a ‘gay-friendly’ travel experience
  • Prejudice in the industry
  • Difference between hotel and vacation rentals to this community
  • What are the differences between what gay travelers want and what heterosexual travelers want from a vacation rental/holiday home?
  • Way more facts and figures Louise wows us with!

Read Louise’s full article here

Louise also shares her 4 top tips for Holiday Let Success:

  1. Build the dream
  2. Always be available
  3. Home from home
  4. Photos of exceptional quality of both the home and location

I also believe that the 5th point here should be to find your properties best bits-it’s USP or it’s brand. I expand on this during the final part of the interview so listen right to the end.

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