010.5: Bonus Episode #UKPOD14 Review & Lessons Learned

Bonus Episode #UKPOD14 Review & Lessons Learned

Following on from our recent Episode with Heather Bayer from Cottageblogger.com and the Vacation Rental Success Podcast, this bonus episode gives the major takeaways from the day for those who are interested in Podcasting for their Holiday Let/Vacation Rental business or as an agent in this niche.

You can listen to Heathers episode here.

If you want to learn more about how podcasting can benefit you please nip over to the contact page and send me a message I’d be happy to chat you through how I started and how it’s affected my business.

On 16th August 2014 the very first European Podcast Movement took place at the Hotel De La Tour in Birmingham.

Lessons roundup of some of the most influential speakers in the Podcasting World, I hope this gives you all a good idea of what we experienced over here in the UK
#UKPOD14 My own personal Takeaways by Elaine Watt

The first UK meet up of Podcasters Paradise, small but perfectly formed in the shape of Ashley Marshall and his lovely wife Nicola, Rob Mobberley and the very smiley Ali, Frank Conway (all the way from Ireland) and Elaine Watt. The first meet up of many and hopefully we’ll be growing in number. Imagine where we’ll be this time next year!

The actual day:

1st Speaker: Joseph Bushnell from The Online Marketing Show

• SEO. Get some lovely google juice by having your podcasts transcribed and add them to your website. Additional help in the form of Yoast plugin (for wordpress)
• Social Media: Be everywhere, Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, Youtube, G+. Link to them from your website & vice versa
• Build an email list and interact with them. (Listen to Joeys show for in depth ideas)
• Youtube is great. Turn your podcast into a video, or video yourself talking about the podcast episode. Add transcription and link to the podcast in the description page
• Directories. Go to Podcast411.com and get submitting
• Leverage your guest. Ask them to share with their followers in the form of a non pushy email asking if they could help by sharing, most would love to!
• Be a guest on other podcasts!

2nd Speaker: Colin Gray from The Podcast Host

• Hugely useful overview of available kit, check out Podcasters Paradise for similar or email me for Colins full list. holidayletsuccess@gmail.com
• Biggest, big huge thing here-When you’re first starting out use ‘The Power of Simplicity’ You don’t need everything to get going. In fact, having everything may be a barrier to success. You’re potentially giving yourself such a huge learning curve you may never get out of the starting blocks. Just start with the minimal eg, a USB microphone such as the Blue series.
3rd Speaker: Jon Buscall from Online Marketing and Communications Podcast via Jontusmedia.com.
Formidable was the word that came to mind to describe Jon!!
• Podcasting as Strategic content marketing. Jon shared a hugely impressive and worldwide case study of how they used podcasting to generate exact results in an extremely niche market.
• Big huge takeaway-begin with the end in mind. Plan, Research, Quality, Audience Focused, Co-ordinated. Focus on return on investment. Sketch your sales funnel.
• As if we needed any further proof-Podcasting is their 2nd biggest form of lead generation!
See the case study that Jon discussed on his website here

4th Speaker:John Colley from The Online Learning Podcast AKA The six Minute Strategist

• Listing optimisation. Write with purpose, keywords help people understand the benefits of your show
• Independent Hosting. Libsyn or Amazon S3 give you incredible demographics
• Audio Quality. Make it the best you can with what you’ve got.
• Be consistent-Big, big takeaway!
• Ratings and Reviews-ask everyone you know when you first get going. Speak to other podcasters (we know the power of this over at Podcasters Paradise! It’s great to hear it again)
• Use hootsuite or similar and keep sharing, use #hashtags
• Google loves hangouts. Do a 2 minute hangout of yourself talking about your podcast episode. Include keywords and add the transcript to the description.
• Use Canva.com, check out Johns website for a video of how he uses this:jbdcolley.com

5th Speaker: Jason Van Orden (I Know!!!)Internet Business Mastery Podcast, Mastering New Media. Jasonvanorden.com

• You + Empathy + Value = Profit
• Believe in Your Story. Use the power of your story to share and inspire others. We all have creative work in us.
• Big, big takeaway. Empathy. Understand their story (This for me goes back to the Avatar JLD describes)
• Ask your followers for a reason they listen, even if you are starting small, ask anyway and do more of what they say.
• Big big big takeaway-Value. Discover a pain or desire by your audience, and solve it.
• Check out IBM Episode:230 on the website internetbusinessmastery.com How to Launch a Successful Podcast.
• Big big big, If you never start, if you lose faith in your story, how will you ever know what you could have done? Who you could have influenced, helped or changed their lives? You have something to offer, remember Your Story is Power. Go for it!

I hope you enjoyed this roundup-please get in touch to speak to me about using Podcasting in your business or anything at all to do with Holiday Lets/Rentals and Vacation Rentals here

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