010: Advertising Vacation Rentals | Facebook Mastery | Valerie Shoopman

Facebook Queen Valerie Shoopman

How to use Facebook to advertise your Vacation Rental | Holiday Let with Valerie Shoopman – The Undisputed Queen of Facebook!

Has Facebook become a slightly worrying, unknown area for you as a Holiday Home | Vacation Rental Owner?

The answers to all your Facebook worries and concerns are here in the form of expert Valerie Shoopman.

How to get more likes?

How to get more engagement?

How to use groups?

Paid or unpaid adverts?

What do I do with my likes after I get them?

All these and more questions are answered in this episode with the undisputed Queen of Facebook Valerie Shoopman, where we talk all things advertising vacation rentals using Facebook.

We get double-uber value too as Valerie is a regular guest in a Vacation Rental herself on a yearly basis so we truly see how Facebook can add value to the guest experience and their stay with you! Superb.

Hear complete step by step instructions on how to use new little known, but hugely valuable  areas of Facebook to your advantage.

The future is mobile bookings, we touch on this here too. Look out for the upcoming podcast on the future of Mobile.

I asked Valerie these hugely specific questions:

  1. What is the fastest way to build an audience on Facebook without any marketing dollars, in one month?

Valeries favourite resources for running a contest on facebook:




  1. What is the fastest way to build an audience on Facebook with marketing dollars in one month?
  2. If you were to start a new online business today, what are 3 Facebook strategies you would use to grow your audience?
  3. What is the best way to position a new offer for sale on Facebook, lets say the business has been offering all kids of great free value, they are now in selling mode for a new offer?
Huge takeaway when starting with Facebook from Valerie:

Begin with the end in mind

Valerie is one of the top speakers at the huge Life one Fire Virtual Summit 2014, created by Nick Unsworth

This is an incredible value FREE online course perfect for any business owner, an absolute must attend event, sign up here

You can connect with Valerie and follow her on Facebook of course here

Check out the replay of Valeries awesome contribution to LifeonFire here

Valerie is also the host of the Entrepreneur Hour Podcast, check it out on iTunes, I never leave home without it in my iPhone, absolute must listen.

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