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The Mobile Revolution in the Travel Industry and the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry

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The first episode of the Industry News Blog

Industry News Blog

It’s great to welcome you today, this is the first episode of the Industry News Blog which is just going to be short little dittos of pieces of information that I have found which are going to be really really relevant to our world as holiday home owners | vacation rental owners. I’ll be bringing news updates, trends from the worldwide travel industry.  

World Travel Industry

I’m doing this because I am slightly obsessed with the travel world, particularly in holiday lets and the vacation rental industry. A lot of things go on in the entire travel industry as a whole around the world, whether it’s directly within the holiday let/vacation rental industry or not, it may affect our particular area so I have started to collect and notice some trends that I think will be very useful for you. Plus, it may well affect the way that you continue to build your business as a holiday home owner for the future and hopefully this will show you little pieces of information you can use to just tweak the way you run your and market your business. It may well also help you systemise your business, change how you interact with guests, and how you attract people to your business. So for this first short ditto we are talking about mobile and how things are changing rapidly.

Mobile Bookings

You will notice that some of the huge providers in the holiday industry from hotels to places like a AirB&B  and Dwellable, they are developing their own apps where you can book online which means instant booking, and this means that if somebody takes a shine to that particular holiday home, that particular hotel, that particular package it means that they can book and pay instantly. This is great for business’s as it means whoever is buying does not leave the website and has less chance of getting distracted. It makes it more likely that you’re going to get that final booking which is what we all want.

Direct Mobile Bookings

Now this doesn’t mean we have got to go and build our own apps, but what it does mean is that you should be making sure that your own personal website that promotes your property or properties should be mobile optimized. This means that it looks exactly the same and its just as usable on a mobile device as it is if someone was sat in front of their PC of a Mac at home.

Your own website should be mobile optimised,  which means that it looks exactly the same and is just usable on a mobile device as it is if someone was sat in front of their PC at home.

What does this mean to us and the daily way we operate our businesses?

It means that you’re going to need to do what you can to

  • Allow instant booking through your website
  • Accepting online payments
  • Thinking about having an automated follow-up email
  • Being in a position to to reply very very quickly
  • Being hundred percent on top of your calendar
  • Being on the ball when answering queries
  • Being on the ball as soon as someone makes a booking – thanking them as soon as it arrives

The Calendar thing is so important especially if you are utilising different platforms to advertise your property such as VRBO,  holiday lettings and Airbnb, it means ensuring that there is a link between all of those different places in order to allow your calendar to always be hundred percent up-to-date and ensuring any bookings made through any of these sites is clear to you and there’s no chance of double booking.

Upward Trends

Let’s look at where else we’ve seen an upward trend in the mobile market that you might have noticed a little more. Maybe you haven’t searched or booked travel on mobile yourself but you will have seen adverts for being able to pay in shops using a mobile phone, which is a close example of automation, meaning you have to put the least effort in to purchase something, making you more likely to buy it. Previous podcasts on our holiday let success series talk about home automation controlling your heating through your mobile phone wherever you are in the world which is hugely, hugely valuable.(Check out Episode 3 with Matt Smith of Inspire Home Automation here) That automation even goes so far as security, lighting, all of which can be controlled from your mobile so there are leaps and bounds in all areas.

Let’s look at some facts and figures with regards to the travel industry

  • Travel vacations booked by mobile platforms in 2011 were only $2.6 billion
  • In 2012 they reached $8 billion
  • In 2014 transactions generated via mobile online bookings or via phone or tablet were expected to reach $26 billion in the US alone

2012 in comparison to 2014  saw a jump from $8 billion to $26 billion in mobile device bookings across the travel industry

I think we need to be prepared and make sure that our websites are fully mobile optimised in order to take advantage of this trend. It is really important that we jump on this. If you need any assistance or any advice with regards on how to go about doing that please send me a message from the Contacts Page. Then check out Episode no.3 Automate to Prosper | Matthew Smith from Inspire Home Automation where he talks about how their products can automate your home. Then for direct information about websites and website optimisation for mobile devices,  listen in to Episode n. 11 with Ian Woolley from HLS Solutions really a really good lesson with a man who is very knowledgeable about websites and templates and how they are optimised for your holiday home and your holiday home website.

You can also grab yourself the free e-book ’25 Top Resources for Holiday Let Success’  and many more great resources by joining the Free HLS Learning Hub right here. 

So thank you very much for listening today before I go I’m just going to give you an idea of where I got these facts and figures from, in case you want to check anything out yourself a lot of my reading comes from Skift.com and some particular facts today come from a study done by Expedia and reported on here , they are really interesting and you should definitely look it up later but if you don’t have time I hope this little ditty is of use to you!

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