018: Thibault Masson | Successful Holiday Home Owner | Creating Memories

I’m hugely honoured to be joined by Thibault Masson, who is an extremely successful holiday home owner. He has focused solely on his vacation rental business full time since 2013, but he has been in the business for 17 years.

Thibault shares:

  • His biggest failure in the vacation rental business
  • His biggest success vacation rental business
  • Where he gets the most success in advertising his vacation rental
  • The importance of relationships with other businesses where there may be an opportunity to refer
  • How being honest with your guest on the suitability of your place from the outset could lead to your best reviews ever
  • How he got lots of PR, his villa has been featured extensively in the French media – Interiors magazine ‘Hotel & Lodge, Gay mag ‘Tetu’ and the blog ‘Cote Maison’

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