030: Jasper Ribbers | Airbnb | Get Paid for Your Pad

Really happy to have been joined by Jasper Ribbers of Get Paid for Your Pad Podcast

Jasper is a true Airbnb genius and he shares the background of Airbnb, how it started, how the sharing economy is changing the world  and the good and the bad of the sharing economy.

He shares airbnb’s security and reviews system and we chat about the type of people that use airbnb.

Jasper also talks about the financial freedom airbnb has allowed him and how his life has changed as a direct result of the airbnb platform.

In the second part, which will be out tomorrow, Jasper shares:

* How we as holiday home owners can use airbnb

*The components of a good listing

*How to get results on airbnb

*How to get great reviews

*Pricing strategies

*Huge discounts on some of the best Data Driven pricing companies

*Huge discounts on his own course that walks you step by step through getting up and running on airbnb – a must listen!

Looking forward to sharing this with you!

Head on over to www.holidayletsuccess.com/jasper

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