036: What is My List & Why Do I Need One?

In this episode we’re looking at the list!

*What is your list?

*Why do you need a list?

*How do you get someone on your list?

*What do you do with them now they’re on your list?

*A few opt in ideas

*Running an online competition and the regulations surrouding that

I have created a list of 48 opt in ideas for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners that will get your ideas flowing and hopefully give you something you can use as your own opt in so you can start building your list and marketing your holiday let to your list of already interested  people, nurturing them and helping them decide on booking with you.

You can get your hands on this super useful list at www.holidayletsuccess.com/optin 

Then you can also see what it’s like to opt in and see how my opt ins are delivered to those who subscribe

The next episode we will move onto the next step and talk about how to create an opt in, how to deliver it and the different email delivery tools available.

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