071: Mindset Special ** Amazing Customer Service | Katrina Jones | Kendall Bailey

Mindset Special with Katrina Jones

Katrina Jones is an award winning property investor and mentor from London. Now based in York, she founded Kendall-Bailey to provide house shares for working professionals, and an incredible guaranteed rental and management service for Landlords. The experienced Kendall Bailey team are 100% dedicated and committed to providing an exceptional service to their tenants and landlords, and have a huge passion for what they do, this ethos of excellence is now being rolled out into providing short term serviced accommodation for visitors to the beautiful city of York. Katrina also now runs the Kendall Bailey Rent to Rent Academy & Mastermind and coaches and teaches others to build a successful and profitable rent to rent business.

071- Amazing Customer Service - Katrina Jones - Kendall Bailey

Today’s episode is slightly different to usual, in that Katrina’s background is in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO’s)and Kandall-Bailey are only just moving into short term letting, but I know they already know the key ingredients to success in our industry because it’s what Kandall-Bailey are built on – Mindset – and providing an exceptional service. So I really want Katrina to share her story of how she has changed her life from being shy and unsure to truly finding her passion and not being afraid to be all that she is and most importantly the mindset it takes to do that. In business, whatever industry you’re in, mindset is the foundation of everything. The next layer is the values your business is built upon and when your business values and ethos are excellence, especially in any service industry, you have the grounds for success.

Kendall-Bailey are built upon mindset and service excellence and Katrina is here to share her story and what those elements really looks like inside a business.

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We speak directly to Katrina, who shares huge value in this episode on creating an outstanding and memorable experience for your guests :

  • Katrina shares her story, her background and how she began in York and moved onto forming Kendall-Bailey
  • Katrina takes us back to where she was before she started building Kendall-Bailey, the huge mindset changes she went through to get both herself and her business to where they are today.
  • Katrina details what she was like before, how the changes come about and how she continues to feed her mind and grow on a personal level on a day to day basis
  • Katrina shares the importance of mindset in business, especially in a service business
  • Service is the ethos on which Kendall-Bailey is built Katrina shares what that looks like like inside her business and breaks it down into the kind of service that her tenants and landlords are accustomed toand what that could look like inside our businesses as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental or Serviced Accommodation providers
  • Katrina takes us through how we can use mindset to improve Holiday Let businesses and day to day lives and walks us through how we can implement a real ethos of service and use that to stand out in a busy market

Katrina is also the Founder of Project Inspire, which is an international event for Entrepreneurs and business owners, to support them on the wild journey to success and time & financial freedom. Learn more about Project Inspire right here.

Katrina shares her advice for for owners either new or experienced in providing accommodation

How much do you think your mindset affects you and how much do you focus on what you’re thinking?

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