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In today’s super fast, instant information society Guests are used to getting everything they need, immediately. From a response to an enquiry, right through to arriving at your Holiday Home and the information they need locally.

A subject I touched on in a recent episode Ep 070: 10 Apps to Run Your Holiday Let Business By – where I talk about my own absolute addiction to my smart phone and admit to running my entire life from it through a series of exceptionally good apps! I also share 10 apps I use in my own business which save me time, help me increase bookings and reduce the time I spend doing it, you can listen to that episode on the page link in this paragraph.

One of those innovations I mention is more than an app – it’s a complete device for guests to use during their stay at your Holiday Home | Vacation Rental. A company I came across very recently and realised the potential for both owners and guests as soon as I read about what they do.

073- Yourwelcome

As Anthony Robbins says, “Why wait to be Memorable?” This type of technology, embraced before others can help you stand out and be memorable to guests, building bookings and when it comes to inviting past guests back – you will be remembered for the excellent, innovative service you offered last time they were there! It’s time to embrace technology and embrace change, the change element is something we owners are good at but in this instance we can use technology to our advantage too!

In this episode John Bower joins me on the podcast – John is head of Growth at YourWelcome, a new take on the digital welcome book that allows you to share the key pieces of information your guest needs about your property and the local area with a subscription tablet you leave in your accommodation for guests to use during their stay.
In this episode we discuss:

  • John’s background and how he got involved in the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry and joining YourWelcome.
  • How YourWelcome came about, how long they’ve been running and what they offer for both guests and owners
  • We chat about who is behind the creation of YourWelcome and who are we likely to deal with as owners coming to YourWelcome for support in set up/running of our digital welcome tablet?
  • Their company intro tells us YourWelcome offers devices for Airbnb – we look at how they started and how they expanded to offer a tablet that would work for all owners whether short term rentals from Holiday Lets to airbnb’s to serviced accommodation?
  • We look in detail at the YourWelcome experience from the the guests point of view – what they can do from the device – internet? Local info? Can they take it with them to use maps to find local places we’ve recommended
  • We look in detail at the YourWelcome experience from the owners point of view – benefits, ease of use, easy to update, how to share with guests, how easy to set up.
  • We go onto look at the practicalities – Pricing and payment. How it works for one unit, several units and what happens if the device gets stolen, lost or damaged
  • John goes on to share his experience and we look at where he thinks the future of the Holiday let | Vacation rental industry is headed and shares his advice for Owners moving forwards in 2016 and beyond.

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If you’d like to know more about any aspect of YourWelcome you can get in touch using this link – ensure you use the discount code PODCAST during checkout for a huge 20% Discount as detailed in the show!

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Chat to John Bower direct john@yourwelcome.com

Do you use a digital welcome book in your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you use!

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