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How to Grow & Scale Your Serviced Accommodation Business with Jason West

Join me on the podcast as I talk to Jason West – who is rapidly growing his property portfolio, having perfected his systems and processes and built a strong foundation on which to grow. Jason is the Managing Director of Home Apartments, a leading provider of Serviced Accommodation, currently operating in the South of England. Jason has accumulated great experience in the marketing of serviced accommodation, with a sharp focus on the guest experience – providing exceptional accommodation in key locations in the UK.

In this episode Jason shares how he has been able to rapidly grow and scale his business from just a couple of Holiday Homes and Serviced Apartments to being well on his way to 10 properties and £100,000 worth of bookings in 2017 alone (it’s only the beginning of February 2017 right now!!)
You’ll hear about Jason’s background and how his past experience has helped reach these extraordinary goals and go on to create even bigger goals for the rest of 2017. Jason has built a strong team around him to support him on his way and plans to offer his knowledge to others who are looking to follow in his footsteps.

We also talk about these great points – loads to learn in this episode:

  • Jason shares a little about himself and his background and where he’s based.
  • We chat about how Jason got started in the Holiday Let | Serviced Accommodation Industry.
  • Jason explains how his company Home Apartments was formed and how long they have been running.
  • Jason talks about building a portfolio in the South of England – and if he will keep his focus here or expand further across the UK and why he has chosen this path
  • Jason has hugely strong foundations on which his business is built – he’s perfected the blueprint for each Apartment – and is now duplicating it across many apartments and he’s growing quickly using an investing strategy we’ve touched on on the podcast before known as Rent to Rent. For new listeners to the podcast, Jason tells us what Rent to Rent is and how it works. He discusses his reasons for choosing this strategy and his plans for the future, will he stick with this strategy or start buying properties too?
  • Jason is a Spreadsheets Genius. He talks about how tracking is the the backbone of his business and shares how you too can get your hands on a copy of one of his simple to use yet powerful trackers.
  • Jason tell us about the service that your apartments offers to guests – what are you looking for in apartment that makes it a great serviced apartment?
  • We look at what sort of aftercare to the guests get and how important this type of follow up is
  • We chat about one of my favorite subjects – some of the great technologies we have at our disposal now as Holiday Home | SA Owners to help us run our businesses – Jason shares the technology behind the running of his business and how it saves time in everyday tasks? Does he have his own website, does he use keyless locks, channel managers – or is the spreadsheet the key ingredient??
  • We look at key areas for owners today to market their businesses – OTA’s, Google advertising, Social media advertising, Email marketing – Or is it a combination?
  • Jason is hugely generous when it comes to sharing anything he’s learned in his business and he regularly posts in some of the Facebook Groups with lots of hints and tips on managing Holiday Homes & Service Apartments – he shares his best tip he’s recently discovered and where listeners can see the videos he’s shared so far.
  • We talk about Jason’s take on where he thinks the future of the Holiday Let | SA industry is headed
  • Jason tells us what advise he would give to someone new to the Industry, in 2016 and beyond, to get started with their own portfolio
  • His guiding philosophy/principal for holiday home owners in today’s market?
  • Shares any resources – books, online courses, learning material you would recommend for listeners?

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Get in touch with Jason here:

Home Apartments Website
Home Apartments on Facebook
We chatted about Tokeet, the channel manager that Jason uses.
Has Jason’s interview inspired you to start creating and tightening up your own systems and processes? Let me know what you’ll implement first!
Or have Jason do it for you – he can set up some of his systems for you here
Jason’s spreadsheet Serviced Apartment KPI/Figures Spreadsheet 

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