079: How to Maximise Your Booking.com Income | Jitka Foralova | Booking.com

079: How to Maximise Your Booking.com Income | Jitka Foralova | Booking.com

Have you ever thought about using booking.com to advertise your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Property?

Is Booking.com even suitable for advertising your property?

If you’re already using Booking.com how do you maximise your exposure and bookings?

Jitka Foralova – Jitka works for Booking.com in the UK and in her role as Area Manager, her team focusses on building relationships and supporting Booking.com’s accommodation partners in the South of the UK, including thousands of holiday home and vacation rental owners.

In this episode Jitka shares how we can best work with Booking.com to maximise our exposure and bookings when listed on their website, she also goes on to share some really valuable data on potential guests behaviour, collected during millions of bookings taken through their site.
You’ll hear about Booking.com’s background and growth and how they are now very much focussed on looking after Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners and Serviced Accommodation providers.

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We also talk about these subjects, this episode is very much focussed on how we as owners can maximise our potential and use Booking.com ‘s platform to our advantage and use the tools they provide to do so!

  • Jitka tells us about her background both personally and within Booking.com.
  • We talk about Booking.com’s background and how long the company has been around as well as how Jitka got involved with Booking.com and what her role is today
  • We look at Booking.com’s original core business model and how it has evolved over the years, especially now that they’re attracting and supporting more individual owners of Holiday Homes and Vacation Rentals and Serviced Accommodation Providers
  • Jitka tells us why the move into the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental and Serviced Accommodation industry?
  • We look at what can owners expect from listing their property with Booking.com and Why we would choose to work with Booking.com
  • Jitka walks us through the joining process for an owner who has decided they’d like to work with Booking.com – how to list a property – If there are any costs involved for the owner
  • We turn the tables and look at the service that Booking.com offers to guests – how they look after guests and up until what point is care of the guest handed to the owner. Jitka also walks us through the booking steps for a guest and we learn some very valuable information about the bookings behaviour of guests on the site and in general.
  • What sort of aftercare do the guests get and how important is this type of follow up?
  • What do you think have been the most significant changes the holiday let Industry has seen and how are those effects being seen?
  • Where do you think the future of the holiday let (vacation rental) industry is headed?
  • Do you have a guiding philosophy/principal that you think would help holiday home owners in today’s market?
  • Any resources – books, online courses, learning material you would recommend for listeners?

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