083: The Evolution of the Holiday Let Industry | Simon Tolson | Above Beach Cottages

083: The Evolution of the Holiday Let Industry | Simon Tolson | Above Beach Cottages

Simon Tolson is a Holiday Let manager based in Cornwall,  drawing on his past experience as a Financial Adviser, he built his own portfolio and helped others find and renovate their dream properties before moving onto running a collection of brands including Above Beach Cottages, Portleven Holidays, Niche Retreats, ABC Mousehole Cottages and the Visit Porthleven website.

The evolution of the holiday let industry - Simon Tolson

Simon joins us today to share his vast knowledge on the Industry as a whole, the changes he has brought all of his businesses through and his insights and predictions on the future of the Booking sites:

083: Evolution of The Holiday Let Industry |Simon Tolson #podcast @abovebeach Join me as I chat to @simontolson on navigating the #HolidayLetIndustry & Getting the most from your business @holidayletpod https://ctt.ac/3Xka5+ Click To Tweet
  • Simon tells us a little about him and his background and how he started out in this Industry, and shares his secrets for his many successful businesses in the Holiday Let Industry
  • We chat about how he first got started in the Holiday Let Industry, and how Above Beach Cottages came about
  • We asked Simon how the first business then evolved into the large online collection of Holiday Let Websites we’ve been talking about today
  • Simon gives us his experience based view of the about the changes we’re seeing in the Industry, changes to the online marketing of our Holiday Homes as owners, it seems to have started to change over several years and yet it also feels like we’ve been bumped very suddenly into new territory with Guest charges ,  ‘Best Match’ and all the joining forces/acquisitions and leadership changes.
  • Simon shares his guiding philosophy to help us as individual holiday home owners in today’s market.
  • Simons predictions for the future of the Holiday let | Vacation Rental industry and his take on what he feels are its key features/attractions
  • We take Simons advice to someone new to the Industry on how to get started with marketing your Holiday Let property
  • What do you think an owner of a Holiday let | Vacation Rental absolutely must be/do/have in today’s market in your opinion?

Simons Recommended Resource:

The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

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