085: Citystasher: Have you got Luggage Storage?

085: Citystasher: Have You Got Luggage Storage?

Stasher came about in 2015 when Matt tried to stash his bags at Anthony’s place,  so he could enjoy the city. They are now the Co-Founders of Stasher and offer fully insured luggage storage – everywhere! Rapidly expanding from a couple of locations, onto Europe and beyond. 

Catherine Ainsley from Stasher joins me on the Podcast to share how Stasher came about and how it can help you, help your guests and ease the check in/check out process, providing a memorable experience for all the right reasons.

 Have You Got Luggage Storage?

085_ Citystasher_ Answer the constant question - Have you got Luggage Storage_

 “Have You Got Luggage Storage?” 

The question asked by many a guest who is arriving before check in, and who wants to explore the area without the added worry of carrying around their luggage.

It’s not always possible to offer luggage storage – but Stasher may well have solved that issue for you!

Stasher – Where did it Start?

  • Catherine tells us a little about her and her background and how she started out in this Industry. We also chat about where she’s based and the Stasher HQ.
  • We look at Catherines role within Stasher and when she joined
  • The original Citystasher, now Stasher, was Co-founded by Jacob, Matt & Anthony, Catherine shares how these guys met and collaborated and a bit about their backgrounds
  • Catherine tells us the story behind Stasher, how it came to be create and when it got started 

Citystasher is now Stasher – The Evolution!

  • We talk about the change of name, or the evolution that meant the name adjustment came about. Also the Investments, partnerships and growth that Stasher is experiencing.
  • We look at how Citystasher works for Vacation Rental owners/Hosts – who will benefit most from this service? If it’s available worldwide? And the ease of use, cost, how easy it is to set up.
  • We chat about how we book a luggage storage as a host, if we book on behalf of the guest or if we go ahead and send the guest direct to Stasher


  • Really important bit – Where are the Stashpoints located and how does the guest find them?


  • Security is a big one too – so we look at the requirements needed to drop luggage from a security perspective – how the luggage is connected to the owner of the bag. Then there’s the other side of security – are the bags checked for anything worrying, the way we would be checked at an hotel for example


  • Pricing – How does it work? Are bags insured for the duration? We look at the different options 
  • How would owners/hosts best incorporate this option as a service to guests – are Stasher finding it becomes part of the booking process now?


  • What’s the future like for Stasher?
  • Catherine shares her experience in this Industry her guiding philosophy/principal that she thinks would help holiday home owners in today’s market
  • Where does Catherine think the future of the Holiday let | Vacation rental industry is headed?

 Learn More about Stasher right here

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