088.5: Bonus Podcast – Diane Lloyd – The Short Stay Show

088.5: Diane Lloyd – The Short Stay Show

Diane is one of the Co-founders of The Short Stay Show, an exciting and new live event for the short term letting Industry, the first of which is taking place in March 2019 at Excel London. With a sharp focus on creating a quality, forward focussed industry for both Owners and Guests, through education and community, the Team at Short Stay Show are making an impact and driving change for the Short Term Letting & Tourism Industry.

  • Diane tells us a little about her background and where she’s based and how she got started in the Short Term Letting Industry –
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  • One of Diane’s greatest insights into the Industry is here huge experience as a frequent traveller
  • We chat about how The Short Stay Show came about – What inspired Diane and the team to start creating the Show
  • The Team and driving force behind the Short Stay Show are Diane Lloyd and her business partner Jim Curry – connect with them on the website www.shortstay.show

Connect with the creators Jim Curry & Diane Lloyd

  • What is the goal of the team behind the Short Stay Show for it’s immediate and long term impact? Listen in to find out how the creators are driving change in the Industry
  • Diane tells us what we as attendees can expect from The Short Stay Show, we also talk through how the day will run.

Listen until the end where I share a discount code especially for Holiday Let Success Podcast listeners

  • There’s another new initiative that we talk about. The Short Term Accommodation Association – a new group to promote the short-term lettings industry – how are they involved with The Short Stay Show?

Listen to the Episode with Merilee Karr: STAA Chair & CEO, UndertheDoormat

  • Based on her experience with extensive travel and creating shows to support Short Stay Providers: Diane shares her guiding philosophy to help individual holiday home owners in today’s market
  • How would Diane advise someone new to the Industry to get started with marketing their property today?

Take a Look at The Start Up Stage:

The Scale Up Stage

Premium Access Conference

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