089: Noiseaware | The Smoke Detector for Noise

Noisey guests can be a huge headache for owners in the short term rental industry. Andrew Schulz from Noiseaware along with Co-Founder dave Strauss are on a mission to change that ! They have created smart noise sensors which will alert you to any issues in your property, wherever you are in the world. In short they’re giving people the power to know the noise level at their property anytime, anywhere.

Or, as the guys both told me when I first met them at the London UK VRTech Live in March 18, they’re party pooping their way around the globe!

089_ Noiseaware_ The Smoke Detector for Noise089_ Noiseaware_ The Smoke Detector for Noise

In this episode Andrew Schultz joins me on the podcast – Andrew is the Co-Founder of Noiseaware, a new easily accessible product that prevents noise pollution with innovative technology and remarkable customer service.

In this episode we welcome Andrew & Christine from Noiseaware

The folks at @NoiseAwareDotIO chat to me on the #podcast & talk all things party pooping! The smoke detector for #noise #manageairbnb #airbnb @airbnbCLICK TO TWEET Click To Tweet
  • Andrew co-founded Noiseaware with Dave Krauss, we learn how these guys met and collaborated – What is the story behind Noiseaware, how did it come to be created? When it got started?
  • Christine, tells us about her role within Noiseaware and when you joined?
  • We look at how Noiseaware works for Vacation Rental owners/Hosts – who will benefit most from this device? Is it available worldwide? We cover ease of use, cost, how easy to set up & where to place the device, as well as how is it controlled
  • What if there is a one off loud noise – like a dog bark, or a child crying? Could something like that trigger a notification to you?
  • What requirements – wifi? in property and on device? laptop/phone? How does it work for one unit? Several units?
  • Do owners tend to tell guests they have Noiseaware? Is there anything for guests to worry about – is it intrusive at all – recording or could you as an owner hear what was going on? Would guests know it was there if they weren’t advised?
  • As Noiseaware gets bigger and bigger and travellers become aware of its existence – if they were to look for it upon arrival, can’t they just remove it?
  • What if I sell my property and buy another – can I take Noiseaware with me?
  • Pricing and payment – is it a one off payment or a subscription?
  • Noiseaware have partnered with Homeaway – any more partnerships on the way?
  • What’s the future like for Noiseaware?
  • From your experience in this Industry – do you have a guiding philosophy/principal that you think would help holiday home owners in today’s market?
  • Where do you think the future of the Holiday let | Vacation rental industry is headed?


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