091: VR Scheduler | Jill Mason | Automate Workflow, Get More Done

There’s always so much to track, schedule, plan and check when looking after a Holiday Home…

VR Scheduler

Jill Mason joins us from VR Scheduler – the online tool that helps you automate vacation rental workflow so you can get more done in less time!

Track, Schedule, Plan & Check

As you get going as a Holiday Let/Vacation Rental Owner it very quickly becomes apparent just how many moving parts there are when it comes to managing your Short Stay Business!

Jill quickly found this out and decided that there had to be a better way – so she drew on her existing skills to develop a great solution and she joins us to tell us all about how VRScheduler works!

  • Jill introduces herself and we learn about the background that has allowed her to successfully create such a brilliant tool
  • Jill tells us the story behind VRScheduler and how it became to be created
  • We look at VRScheduler works for Vacation Rental/Holiday Home Owners/Hosts and who will benefit most from this software, also if it’s available worldwide
  • Jill details how VRScheduler works with the listing sites like VRBO/Homeaway/Booking.com so that bookings/tasks are up to date inside VRScheduler. Then if you are already working with a channel manager, can you fit VRScheduler into your day to day and what about if you already have a Customer Relationship Manager?
  • Once you’re all connected – Jill tells us about what you can actually schedule/control/manage from within VRScheduler – the key areas where owners/managers are going to free up their time from implementing VRScheduler.
  • Housekeeping element is really exciting to me – you can upload photos of how your housekeeping team should be presenting the property? Keep track of cleaning start and end times, track and schedule future cleans, housekeepers can notify you of completed cleans in real time? How does this work?
  • Jill talks a little on ease of use, cost, how easy it is to set up
  • Essentially we look at how the pricing works
  • I ask Jill what the future is like for VRScheduler
  • Jill shares her experience in this Industry and her guiding philosophy that may help vacation rental/ holiday home owners in today’s market?
  • Jill shares where she thinks the future of the Holiday let | Vacation rental industry is headed based on her experience so far!

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