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Build Your Network – Get More Direct Bookings

Ever been asked by a potential guest for a property you don’t have ? Whether it’s the location, the date, the size, the facility that doesn’t quite fit?

Yes. Me too.

And so has Deborah Labi – many times over in her 13 years in the Holiday Let Industry. Deborah realised she had turned away thousands of pounds worth of bookings over the years due to not having exactly what the guest wanted in her own portfolio and didn’t have the network locally to refer the guest to.

If it’s happened to me….

Deborah realised that if this had happened to her – then it would have happened to other property managers and owners too.

Where was all this lost business going – off into the internet chasm!

Deborah saw an opportunity to stop losing this business, build a better experience for the guest and for other property owners too – and so Have You Got – Was born to fix it.

Deborah Labi joins us from Have You Got – the alternative to the OTA’s that offers a one stop shop to book direct – connecting owners and guests with a shared goal – personal service for guests and more bookings for one another through connection and conversation 


The Network for Direct Bookings

  • Deborah tells us about how she got going in the Holiday Let Industry and where she is based. 
  • The story behind Have You Got – how did it come to be created? 
  • We look at how Have You Got works for Holiday Home Owners/Hosts

It’s a Win, Win, Win……for the Host, for the Network, for the Guest

  • We look at who will benefit most from Have You Got?
  • Deborah talks us through how Have You Got works from a guest perspective
  • Deborah talks about ease of use of Have You Got – how easy to set up from both sides.
  • We look at how we as property managers are able to tap into the network and provide a better service for guests
  • We talk about how the pricing works 
  • Deborah tells us her plans for the future of Have You Got
  • You’re up for one of the prestigious VRTech awards for new start up – tell us a bit about the competition and what it’s all about? How can we vote for you ? 

Vote For Have You Got in the VRTech start up Comp here

  • Deborah shares her experience in our Industry and her guiding philosophy to help holiday home owners in today’s market 
  • Deborah shares where she sees future of the Holiday let industry
It's a Win, Win, Win……for the Host, for the Network, for the Guest – More Direct Bookings @have_you_got Hear how you can get more direct bookings & give a better guest experience #BookDirect #BookDirectHour…CLICK TO TWEET Click To Tweet

Stuff we Mentioned in this episode:

Deborah’s Property website – Rubys Residences

That great feedback she got about using video in her guest welcome process:

Get in Touch with Deborah at Have You Got?

Head to the Have Your Got Website here

Find Have You Got on Facebook here

Find Have You Got on Twitter here

Join The Have You Got Facebook Group here

Vote For Have You Got? in the VRTech start up Comp here

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