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Marketing Your Holiday Let

Sonja is the founder of Love Mondays, a business consultancy that focuses on fast growth culture in small businesses. Her background and knowledge of social media marketing and branding is just the beginning of what happens at Love Mondays, where growing businesses, from lead through to delivery, is their focus. 

Marketing Know How – From The Ground Up

The Story Behind Love Mondays

  • Sonja shares her incredible back story – her amazing start from moving between hostels with a young son then going on to run a successful B&B – Sonja tells us how it all happened
  • We talk about Sonjas role within Love Mondays and when they launched 
  • Deep dive into the different sides to Love Mondays, as each business transformation is more than just social media marketing and branding, we look at the steps from foundation to marketing maven
  • As the business transformations Sonja leads people through has so many elements, I wanted to draw out some areas that Sonja has great knowledge in and can share ideas with us as Holiday Home Owners so the focus for today’s conversation is going to be around how to master Social Media and the importance of branding in small business 
  • Let’s have a look at branding first – can you give an overview of exactly what branding is first ?
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Pay Per Click: The way you pay for your advert, whatever platform you’re on from Facebook to Google Adwords. You only pay when someone clicks on your advert.

Facebook Post Boost: I found this great video on how to boost a post – well worth a watch!

  • We look at how important is it for small businesses to brand themselves and then let’s look at what could this look like for Holiday Home Owners. 
  • Sonja shares how holiday home owners who feels like branding is something way outside their understanding/budget get started without spending a lot and yet still have the benefits of showing a branded front with their marketing 
  • Love Mondays run social media accounts for many small businesses, firstly we look at how to find the most effective platform for the small businesses you work with – Or how to choose which social media platform to focus on or is it best to spread across a few
  • Often owners don’t know what to post – how do you plan ahead and Sonja shares suggestions on what to share on social media
  • We talk about what the focus of each post should be – awareness of the business? Getting someone to take an action such as a purchase or join an email list?
  • We talk about the following Social Media sharing tools to manage social media in the shortest time for listeners

Hootsuite – Social Media Manager – Free for up to 3 accounts

Buffer – Social Media Manager – Free version for up to 3 accounts & 10 scheduled posts

IFTTT – the online genius that connects absolutely everything – you’ll need some time to get going with this it’s amazing!!

  • With all the changes to particularly the facebook platform and it’s algorithms – we talk about paid advertising that makes the biggest difference or if it’s still possible to post on social media and make a difference with organic posts
  • Sonjas shares her experience travelled as a guest in short term accommodation and of course you have your background in running a successful B&B in Malvern, what was always most commented on and important to your guests?
  • What is important to you when travelling and staying in Short Term Accommodation?
  • I know you have an online mini course that would be super useful for our listeners can you tell us about what you’ve created and how we can get hold of it please

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