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Successful Holiday Home Owner

Lorraine is a seasoned property professional, online business entrepreneur and a busy mum. Together with her husband, they’ve built a sizeable portfolio of properties and together they have branched out one arm of their business into the Holiday Let Industry, and she’s here to share her experience with us today.

Successful Holiday Cottages Owners

Managing Your Holiday Let Remotely

  • Lorraine tells us a little about her background and how she started out building her property portfolio
  • We talk about Lorraine’s property, a little about the location, how many it sleeps, what sort of service it offers and Why/how she chose this particular property
  • Lorraine shares her USP (unique selling point) or brand, and what her holiday home really stands out for
  • Moving on to our failures, Lorraine helps us avoid beginners mistakes by sharing her own challenges and how to overcome them
  • We view areas of success within the business that consistently work really well
  • We look at where she has had the most success in marketing her Holiday Let (own website, across social media, friends & family, listing sites)
  • We discuss the importance of photography and how relevant it is to marketing holiday homes and if she would recommend new owners get their place professionally photographed
  • Lorraine talks about returning guests
  • We talk about how to gain feedback from guests and how to use that feedback to attract future guests
  • We discuss the need of websites for holiday home owners and if it is beneficial to have one

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Successful Holiday Cottages Owners

  • Lorraine shares how do you manages everything from a distance and how she finds and keeps reliable team members
  • I ask how running the place from a distance works out for her
  • We chat about the importance of telling people about the area they’re going to be staying in
  • I ask Lorraine what is her biggest ongoing struggle in your business?

How To Get Started As A Holiday Home Owner

  • I ask Lorraine:
  • What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the Holiday Let Industry?
  • Can you share your guiding principle that you run your business by and you could share with listeners?
  • Where do you think the future of the Holiday let industry is headed?

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