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Vered Schwarz joins me from Guesty, where she is COO. Guesty is an end-to-end property management platform for short-term rentals, providing users with features including a multi-calendar tool that syncs all their listings, a unified inbox that syncs all messages across several channels in  one place, automated task capabilities, 24/7 guest communication services and more. Recently the company raised $35M in Series C funding, bringing it’s total number raised to $60M, making it the highest-funded short-term property management platform on the market.

Guestys COO Vared Raviv Shwartz takes time to talk to us about what Guesty can offer to Short Stay Providers

Guesty was started by identical twin brother who decided they needed to create something to help airbnb providers manage their properties

Vered Raviv Shwartz – Guesty

Automation, Auto Triggers, Handling Reviews

  • Vered tells us a little about her background and how she started out in the Short Stay Industry
  • Did the creation of the Guesty tool come as a solution for a need that Guesty saw within the industry how was it created? 
  • Vered explains exactly what Guesty is, how it makes managing a holiday let business easier for holiday home owners and how you can automate email responses to guests who have booked, or enquired through your own website

Plug into any solution that you already use for your business

  • We talk about who guesty is for and how many holiday homes can be set up within the system
  • Vered tells us when Guesty was created and how many users are there across the globe, roughly
  • We talk about how simple it is to set up
  • We discuss the costs involved in using Guesty and Vered could share of users who have started with Guesty and have really improved their holiday let business?

Guest centric is the way forward and Guesty can support you in providing an exceptional experience

Vered Raviv Shwartz – Guesty
  • Vered recently wrote for entrepreneur Europe, an article entitled – ‘Women Should Consider the Short-Term Rental and Travel tech Ecosystems to Fund Their Businesses’ Vered shares her passion for women in this Industry and the findings of her research into the important role women are playing in driving this Industry forward
  • Vered shares What we can do as holiday home owners to ensure we are ahead of the curve and truly stand out

Take a Look at Vered’s full article in Entrepreneur Magazine here:

‘Women Should Consider the Short-Term Rental and Travel tech Ecosystems to Fund Their Businesses’ Vered Raviv Shwartz @guesty #shortstay #keylessentry #noisemonitoring #automation #shortstay #shortstayindustry Click To Tweet

Where is the short stay industry headed?

  • Do you have a guiding philosophy/principal that you’d like to share with us?
  • Vered gives us a view on where she sees the future of the holiday let industry is heading

What is guestyval?

Guestyval is Guestys annual conference for Short Stay Providers in Tel Aviv

Who should attend Guestyval?

If you are a professional short-term property manager, property management company, online travel agency or third-party provider who shares our goal of making property managers’ lives easier, then GuestyVal is where you need to be.

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