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Simon Smith joins me from Lune Living – the UK Company dedicated to providing fine fabrics that are sourced ethically and are ecologically thoughtful, both in production and in the ongoing care of the fabrics. The Smith family have been producing fabrics since 1884, and have constantly evolved to meet the concerns of both their customers and the planet. For holiday home owners, keeping costs and their carbon footprint low is something that affects not only our bottom line, but how we plan to build a sustainable short stay industry for the future.

We as small business owners can make changes to the way we operate & build more sustainable business – and we can do it today

Simon Smith

Bamboo is such a versatile plant and it also makes the most beautiful, comfortably soft bedding fabric. 

Bamboo is such a versatile plant and it also makes the most beautiful, comfortably soft bedding fabric & saves #holidayhomeowners #money affecting your bottom line Hear the full episode www.hlspodcast.com/lune #holidaylet… Click To Tweet

why bamboo? simple – it’s amazing stuff!

The magic of bamboo bedding starts with the plant itself. It’s one of the world’s fastest growing grasses, so it offers up ten times the volume compared to cotton, in the same area of land. Crucially, it uses a fraction of the water that cotton does. To make enough cotton for a t-shirt takes 3300 litres (almost three years’ drinking water), to make enough bamboo sometimes only needs what falls from the sky. 

It often grows where other plants won’t, thriving without pesticides or fertilisers. And, because it’s a grass that’s cut, the topsoil isn’t damaged when the bamboo is harvested and the plant simply keeps growing afterwards.

We care about the environment. It takes over 5000 litres of water to grow the cotton required for a double duvet and production requires the use of fertilisers and pesticides which are harmful to the environment. Bamboo does not require additional irrigation or harmful pesticides to grow 


take a look at the fabrics

Lune Living & Holiday Let Success Fabrics from Elaine Watt on Vimeo.

points of difference

  • Tell us a little about you and your background and how you started out in your Industry – where are you based?
  • What is the story behind Lune Living, how did it come to be created?  When did you get started?
  • Short Stay providers are always looking to bring a great night’s sleep to guests and the type of bedding we provide plays a big role in that – tell us a little about how bamboo bedding compares to the standard bedding we are most likely used to using in our short stay properties?
  • How is bamboo bedding produced and how does this compare to the production – in terms of caring for the environment – to standard cottons we most likely use in our holiday homes right now?
  • The final product – we talk about the pricing difference between purchasing a full set for a king size bed of cotton, to purchasing a full set of bamboo bedding?
  • Ongoing care is a big concern – stains from makeup and fake tan are the bain of the lives of short stay providers – how is the bamboo cared for and how can we make sure it stays stain free with washing at such low temperatures?
  • Other products you provide – interior design? All eco friendly products?
  • How important do you think sustainable fabrics and ecologically produced interiors are for the future of the short stay industry?
  • What’s the future like for Lune Living?

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