104: Bath Self Catering | Alison Curran | VS The OTA’s

Alison Curran is a successful holiday home owner based in the beautiful city of Bath in the UK, she owns and runs Bath Apartments Breaks – 2 central and stunning apartments for 4 people to enjoy as their base when they visit the City. Also, Alison is doing something a little different – and a group of local holiday home owners have come up with something special to promote not just their destination but booking direct with the owners there. 

We’ve brought a group of dedicated self catering providers and created our own listing site especially for the Bath area.

Alison Curran

We decided as a group that we would pool our resources and create a listing site that brings in direct bookings, completely bypassing the expensive listing sites and with a budget to fight back in the google rankings


Alison Curran joins me from Bath Self Catering, a collection of The best independently owned holiday properties in the Bath area. They’re dedicated to ensuring they bring the best Bath has to offer together to share with visitors. So what makes them and this episode different?

Bath is one of the most beautiful, historic places to visit in the UK & our direct to owner listing site offers great value #BookDirect perks #holidayhomeowners #money affecting your bottom line Hear the full episode… Click To Tweet

why did we get started? simple – we wanted to offer great #bookdirect deals to our guests

The beginning of bringing together many holiday home owners in the Bath area was so that the owners could help one another, Support one another and learn from one another – it turned into something much bigger and now they have a collaborative bookings site that allows owners to connect directly with their potential guests. Avoiding high booking fees and many of the issues that come with using listing sites such as booking dot com, Airbnb and Vrbo.

Many owner don’t realise they can have the ability to bring in direct bookings – something like this collberation shows it can be done, we can offer a solid alternative to the listing sites both for guests and owners – and we can compete against the big listing sites in google. We can be found at the to- of the search rankings in google.

Bath self catering can be found competing right at the top of the google search engine with the big boys like booking dot com and Airbnb.

Bath Self Catering

points of difference

  • Alison tells us about her and her background and how she started out in this Industry  
  • We talk about when Bath Apartment Breaks came into existence 
  • Alison talks about what the experience they want their guests to have whilst staying in one of her apartments when they’re visiting Bath
  • Exciting bit – we look at the initiative that Alison and a group of local owners have come up with – Bath Self Catering – Alison explains what it is first of all
  • We talk about how Bath Self Catering come about? 
  • We delve into some of the specifics so we can figure out how this may or may not work for us as listeners! Costs and how they are all agreed on, How the marketing works, does everyone pay a yearly fee, Sign a contract?
  • The success of the initiative to date? Alison tells us how the bookings compare to other types of marketing – how does it stand up to the OTA’s specifically?
  • Alison shares what she would advise other owners hoping to do something similar in their area to do first?
  • Do you have a guiding philosophy/principal that you think would help holiday home owners in today’s market? 
  • Where do you think the future of the Holiday let | Vacation rental industry is headed? What do you feel are its key features/attractions? 
  • How would you advise someone new to the Industry to get started with marketing their property?
  • What do you think an owner of a Holiday let | Vacation Rental absolutely must be/do/have in today’s market in your opinion? 

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