106: Jessica Vozel | Copywriting for More Bookings

106: Jessica Vozel | Guest Hook | Copywriting for More Bookings

Jessica is the co-founder of Guest Hook. Guest Hook provide professional copywriting services for short stay professionals, or in their own words: they help small accommodation providers book more guests with writing services like property descriptions for the listing sites, website content, content marketing plans, brand storytelling, and more.

I became the person you go to for vacation rental descriptions, almost by accident back in 2014


I think it can be a struggle for owners to tell the story of their property as they’re often very close to their property and it can be difficult to step back – and that’s where I come in

copywriting can be a dealbreaker for getting a booking it conveys what what the photos alone can't Hear the full episode www.hlspodcast.com/jessica #holidaylet #shortstay #BookDirect #BookDirectHour #ota Click To Tweet

copywriting is the bridge that can share what your photos alone cannot

Photos are absolutely vital in bringing people to look at your short stay property, to decide if they like it, if it fits with their party and so they can imagine themselves there – but the copywriting brings it to life and conveys what the photos cannot – the sounds and smells of the day and the night in your area, the feeling and the atmosphere can all be brought to life through words.

Your story, the background of how and what got you started builds trust in the guest and allows them to book with confidence – something that can’t be conveyed with pictures alone.

jessica walks us through the building blocks of good copy

  • Jessica tells us about her background and how she gat started as a copywriter, then onto specialising as a vacation rental copywriter
  • We look at why owners may struggle to convey how good their holiday home and the experience guests can have staying with them
  • We talk about the importance of good copy for your website and for your listing on the bigger listing sites and how it can really bring your property to life for your guest & potential guests

We look At The Key Elements of Great Copy for your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental

  • How can we as owners get better at our own copywriting – Jessica goes through the key elements to great copy for a Holiday Let | Vacation Rental
  • What services do Guest Hook offer? Whole website copy, about me pages? Property description? Marketing emails? How is it broken down into selectable services for owners? 
  • Jessica shares which is the most important page on your website from a copywriting point of view
  • We look at where Jessica sees the future of the Holiday let | Vacation rental industry – this episode was recorded before lockdown
  • We look at how Jessica would advise someone new to the Industry to get started with marketing their property today

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