108 : Arthur Kemp | ExactCQ | Tax Relief Solutions

Arthur Kemp joins me from Exact CA – or Exact Capital Allowances – where he and his team have been working for the past 10 years to provide niche tax relief solutions for all commercial property owners – specialising in Short Stay, Serviced Accommodation & Holiday Properties 

capital allowances explained and simplified

Tax Relief – Sorted

If there’s something we could all do with a little more of – it’s tax relief. Arthur specialises in making tax easy to understand and saving you as a commercial property owner, money.

If people were aware of the value of tax allowances – it could be really crucial in their investment

Arthur Kemp

In this episode Arthur explains how he helps holiday let property owners save money by using their capital allowances the right way

The correct use of capital allowances could be a £30k saving on a £200k property – it really can be the difference between a project being viable or not

Arthur Kemp

join me and arthur as we look at exactly how you can save on your next holiday let property investment

  • Arthur share his background and how he started serving the Holiday Let Industry 
  • We learn how Exact CA came about – and exactly what Arthu does to help short term rental providers
  • For listeners new to investing, or thinking about getting into the Industry – Arthur outlines exactly what Capital Allowances are and how using them correctly may benefit them
  • Arthur helps clarify the differences between airbnb, holiday let & serviced accommodation from a Capital Allowance perspective
  • We look at if lease owners work directly with Exactca or if they can work with accountants too
  • We look at Capital Allowances for investors who work with the Rent to Rent model – can they benefit from Arthurs knowledge too and are there savings to be made ?
  • We talk about the key things that Short Stay Providers can do to ensure they are making the most savings on their taxes 
  • What are the most asked questions around tax? Arthur talks us through some of the questions you may have going round in your head on this subject right now! 
‘The correct use of capital allowances could be a £30k saving on a £200k property' Arthur Kemp from @CapitalAllowanceTax joins me on the @hlspodcast to talk saving tax for #holidaylet & #servicedaccommodation owners Click To Tweet


Visit the Exactca Website

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Email Arthur at hello@exactca.co.uk or call them on 0845 467 2765

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