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More Direct Bookings = More Control

More. Not just more, but better. Direct, less work, more control. Future proof business that isn’t completely reliant on the Listing Sites 

Less costs means more on the bottom line and a better, more sustainable Short Stay Business. Better value, better way of doing things, better product. Same great experience for your guests.

Less time spent in your business means more time for you. I’m constantly looking for and sharing the best tools that will help you reduce, delegate or automate the most repetitive tasks in your Short Stay Business

Because a Direct Booking is the beginning of taking control of the future of your Short Stay Business.

Master your marketing

Master Your Business

Learn more & get involved


More direct bookings, less dependency on the listing sites.

They move the goal posts – you’re already marketing on auto pilot.

Future Proof, Predictable Income

Even if you have no marketing experience

Learn more about The Short Stay School

Listen in on the go

Start where you are

Move forwards


Introducing the

Short Stay School

Start where you are.
Move to where you want to be.
Take control of the future of your Short Stay Business

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