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Ep 03 – 2021: Chris Maughan – I-Prac – Trust & The Post Covid Landscape

Chris joins me from i-Prac, the verification platform that approves property owners and rental agencies around the world, bringing transparency & building the trust that is so needed moving forwards

the importance of trust in direct bookings, post covid

chris maughan – i-prac

The importance of trust in marketing your short term rental in a post covid landscape.

In this episode Chris Maughan joins me to talk about the importance of Trust in marketing post lockdown.

We talk through how to build trust to secure Direct Bookings, which are absolutely the best type of booking within your business. More profit, more control both now and in the future!

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I need your help – I want to make this event the absolute best it can be for 2021 and I would love your input! I have created a series of polls and i’ll be chatting with you inside the group on live vids to talk through what you want to see – so come over and tell me what you want to see 🙂

The importance of taking control of your own marketing in the post lockdown world and that owners need to do more than just list on the OTA’s has become extremely obvious in these times.

We also chat about:

  • Chris tells us a bit about his background and how he got started in this industry
  • Chris operates out of Cannes in the South of France with his own rental management company – we talk about how lockdown is looking in France.
  • We talk about what i-Prac is and what it can offer for short term rental professionals and how important trust and transparency are moving forwards into yet another new post lockdown landscape.
  • We talk about the effects of rental fraud and why it’s so important that we stamp it out for the future of our Industry
  • We chat about how important regulation and accreditation will be in our post lockdown travel industry as guests and travellers are going to be a lot more aware of and wanting assurances on things like cleaning protocols, hands off check ins, worry free cancellation policies, protection against rental fraud – Chris talks about how they will want/need more assurances of who they’re dealing with in order for us as providers to meet those new expectations
  • How can iPrac support owners in the new normal we are headed towards?

GET IN TOUCH WITH chris maughan at i-prac – the verification platform that approves property owners and rental agencies around the world, protecting travellers from rental fraud.

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