058: The 14 Habits of Highly Successful Holiday Home Owners

Retrain Your Mind to Have The Best Version of Your Holiday Let Business You Possibly Can

And yes Stephen R Covey got it down to 7, but I have consistently found 14 ways I’ve learned to retrain my mind inside the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry. I’ve learned a lot from speaking to many, many incredible people in the Industry and these 14 traits, mindsets or principals are what have consistently stood out to me. When the best are the best these traits are there and run through to the core of the owners business.

14 Habits of Highly Successful Holiday Home Owners
  1. They watch for and embrace change in the industry and are forward thinking
  2. They ask for and are quick to implement improvements from guest feedback
  3. They are committed to continued improvement, both as a person and as a business
  4. They don’t take complaints personally
  5. They invest in their marketing and business
  6. They know their numbers and record their finances carefully
  7. They use technologies to systemise the processes within their business, to make their lives easier and automate the repetitive processes
  8. They treat the running of their holiday home as a business
  9. They put their guests first and view things from their guests point of view
  10. They strive for excellence in service
  11. They appreciate and cherish their opportunity to provide incredible memories and a wonderful experience to their guests, they have an attitude of gratitude!
  12. They train their team and use systems to manage team members, recognising when a task needs to be delegated
  13. They realise that they are representing the Vacation Rental | Holiday Let Industry as a whole. What they do matters.
  14. They realise they are not alone – they reach out and ask when they don’t know the answer and understand the power of community amongst owners – because the power is in sharing knowledge and standing together.

I know I had to make changes to ensure I was being the Holiday Home Owner and representative of the Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Industry I wanted and needed to be in order to get to the level I wanted and my guests and the Industry deserve. And I’m not saying it was easy, or that I’m now perfect, I don’t think we can ever stop learning or evolving and there are still points I struggle with – delegation is a big one for me and I know I have to delegate to be more productive – I guess I recognise something needs delegating but actually handing over control is the tough bit for me!!

Resources I mentioned in this episode:

  • Visual Budget – Awesome app that helps you track your budget, hugely useable and lots of great reports. I use this myself and love it!
  • Xero Accounting – Accouting software, also links to lots of other platforms you may already use. I don’t use this myself but may try it soon as my property portfolio continues to expand, comes highly recommended from many people I know.
  • Occupancy Chart – Created for my own business and available now for yours on The HLS Website
  • Aweber – Email marketing software – take our FREE Online Course to get set up
  • Mailchimp – Email marketing software – take our FREE Online Course to get set up
  • Infusionsoft – Big style customer CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) This link takes you to my trusted provider, Ashley at Jumpworks – he’s awesome.
  • Beds24.com or your own booking software – make sure it has an automated email facility like beds24 has, it will deliver key pieces of information to your guest in the run up to their stay at exactly the right time, saving you worry and time. This link takes you to the podcast page – listen to my episode with Annette Morganroth from beds24 sharing just how powerful it is.
  • Rentals United – Channel Manager – episode with RU releasing very soon so you’ll hear all about the power of this type of automation!!
    Weather.com – Save the link for your area and include it in one of the automated emails in the run up to your guests stay, shares valuable info and saves you printing out to share with them. Also include in your digital welcome pack
  • Touchstay – Digital Welcome book, online welcome book, saves time in creating a physical book, updates are fast and simple. Should save questions from guests and really is a very cost effective and very comprehensive way to share info. Saves costs of printing too!! Available offline for anyone without connectivity too! Listen to the podcast with Andy McNulty
  • Asana – Incredible Project Management tool, FREE!!!!! paid plans available but you can get going with soooo much for free. Has an app for your phone and you can share that app with your team, they can follow your systems from their phone. Store all your systems and processes here, link to dropbox, google, anywhere you want to share supporting info such as a document, photo or instructional video. A-Ma-ZING!!!!

Enjoy this episode and tell me your experience – which points resonate with you??

Which traits do you see in yourself and your business? Where do you struggle to apply these principals? Do you see the importance of working to these principals inside your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business in order to become the Highly Successful Holiday Home Owners you know you are?

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