how to use social media to market your holiday let

Ep 06 – 2021 : Making Social Media easy for you in your Short Term Rental Business

being visible doesnt have to be difficult, or take up hours of your time

Imagine what getting started with vacation rental direct booking can do for your business – whether you think of your business as a vacation rental, holiday let, short term rental or serviced accommodation, direct bookings with the right booking engine supporting you to streamline the guest experience can be business life-changing.

When you shift your focus away from the listing sites, accept that they aren’t on your side and that they will continue to move the goalposts on a whim (algorithm changes, going against your own business policies, rising commissions, changes in T&C’s) all affecting your business and leaving you out of control, and start implementing Direct Booking Strategies consistently you’ll have an entirely different outlook on how the future of your business could look.

Imagine working from a place of:

  • Peace of mind
  • Feeling & being in control
  • Looking ahead & seeing a full calendar
  • Taking informed proactive action ahead of time to fill any calendar gaps
  • Operating from a place of knowledge, no more overwhelm or not knowing where to start 
  • Seeing & enjoying the results of your committed action

Well, this group mini training walks you through how to get going, stay visible and get on top of your social media marketing

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Listen to the full episode where I talk about how to get organised, ideas on what to post and how to keep organised – you can watch the full training that this audio is taken from inside the Facebook Group

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Short Stay Pros FREE Membership area also has loooads of cool thing to help you!

PLUS – Inside the facebook group this week I’ve created 10 FREE #BookDirect Social Media Templates you can tailor for you and your business and use to share your short term rental business 🙂

See you on the inside –

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how to use social media to market your holiday let

making #bookdirect a normal day to day thing inside your business is totally do-able

How to Holiday Let – The Ultimate Getting Started Toolkit is available now – head to the facebook group at for the latest offers

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