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How to Get More Bookings With Less Work

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Join me on the podcast as I talk to Rentals United CMO Vanessa De Souza Lage. Rentals United provide an online booking portal, or central calendar, that allows you to advertise on many listing sites or advertising channels without having to log into each site individually.

In this episode Vanessa explains how using a channel manager gives you access to adverting you may not ordinarily be able to reach due to the logistics of managing lots of calendars individually and actually saves you time in running your business on a day to day basis. The online portal provides a central location for your calendar and manages all your advertising channels, saving you hours of work in your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental or Serviced Accommodation Business. As an agent – listen up too! Rentals United was created for Agents by Agents and has evolved to allow owners to advertise

  • Vanessa tells us about her background and she got started out in this Industry
  • Vanessa shares how Rentals United came about and how it started to solve her own problem as a Holiday Lettings Agent
  • We talk about how long Rentals United has been running
  • Tell us exactly how Rentals United works for us as Holiday Home owners?
  • We discuss how your booking software for your website links with Rentals United
  • We talk about if the bookings are confirmed when they come through and which channels this applies to
  • We looks at the costs involved
  • The support and ease of set up and the ongoing support
  • We talk about if owners expect an increase in bookings using Rentals United
  • How using Rentals United will allow you to access wholesale sites we as individuals can’t get access to without being part of a bigger group
  • The educational element of Rentals United that will help you improve your listings
  • We look at where Vanessa thinks the future of the Holiday let | Vacation rental industry is headed and she offers her advice to someone new to the Industry to get started with marketing their property

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Get in touch with Rentals United here:

Rentals United Website

Rentals United Blog

Rentals United on Twitter

Rentals United on facebook

Take the Channelizer and figure out which sites will work for you and your property and test, test, test!

Let me know how you get on – or are you already using a Channel Manager? Which one an how is it working out for you?

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