062: 7 Awesome Home Automation Tools for Holiday Home Owners

7 Awesome Home Automation Tools for Holiday Home Owners

How to keep control of your Holiday Home wherever you are, save time and money and increase your bottom line!

062 home automation

Join me on this exciting episode where I share some of the most incredible home automation tools available today that can really shift how you run your holiday home, improve the experience for guests and really get you standing out from the crowd!

  1. Inspire Home Automation – an internet controlled programmable room thermostat that enables you to remotely control, restrict and monitor your properties’ heating controls from anywhere with an internet connection via a computer, tablet or mobile. I discuss ways to make savings in your Holiday Home and increase your bottom line using this tool and Inspires new water control options too. Listen to the episode with Matt Smith from Inspire Home Automation here it’s episode 003.
  2. Checkmytank – A monitor that always lets you know how much oil you have left, monitors usage and shares info about local places that are offering excellent pricing for oil.
  3. Nest – Thermostat can be controlled in a similar way to Inspier. Nest Protect is an industrial-grade smoke sensor which tests itself automatically and lasts up to a decade plus you can silence it from your phone without any extra hardware required plus it tells you what’s wrong and can even alert your phone.
  4. Keyless lock or key box. A simple way to give guests access to your property without you having to be there to hand keys over or having to employ someone else to do it. The codes on either can be easily be changed between guests by a housekeeper with a system in place.
  5. Wemo – A simple way to control your home electronics and appliances from your mobile. From lightbulbs and outdoor string lights to coffee pots and heaters.
  6. IFTTT – Amazing online tool that is completely free and connects soooo many things across the internet
  7. Smartlock – Kwikset’s KevoAugustGoji, and Lockitron all require an iphone. Yale Real Living deadbolt does not require a smartphone. Listen to the pros and cons of this type of lock in the podcast.

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