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How to save time and sign online – head for the paperless office and reduce the amount of time waiting for contracts!

063 signable

Nick Elston from Signable joins me on the podcast. Signable offer an online document signing portal where you can securely and legally get all your documents signed, regardless of your location.

In this episode we look at lots of time saving benefits of using an online signing portal, as well as addressing some of the concerns around using a service like Signable.

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  • Nick tells us a little about his background and how he ended up joining Signable as the Head of partnerships at Signable
  • We chat about how long Signable been running and why it was created
  • Nick tells us about the service Signable offer – we as holiday let owners have several reasons a service like this can be utilised, we’ll find time saved and we’ll definitely save money. Rental agreements, security deposit agreements, pet policy, child policy, the list goes on !
  • Nick walks us through how we go about getting a document signed using Signable – where we get started. What we can expect inside the system and how we store documents for future use. For example, if we had a document we regularly used, like the rental agreement, and just needed to change some info like the name and dates of the holiday, it can be done inside Signable
  • We look at how simple the service is to use and allay any fears about having to be super technical (you don’t!)
  • We go through the process of getting the signed documents back and how to store online and/or download.
  • We look at how the pricing works. For example we end up with a month where we have lots of visitors and we could need to get several documents signed in a month, or there may be one long stay that only requires 1 signature – we look at how Signable would handle that and the effect it has on our pricing for that month. Extremely flexible and we never pay for more than we use.
  • The extremely important quesiton – Is it legal?
  • We chat to Nick Elston about the various events he speaks at around the country – where he has been recently and where can we find him over the next couple of weeks for UK based listeners who may want to pop along and say hello!

Do you use an online signing portal in your business? How does it work for you? If you’re already a Signable customer – let me know how it’s worked for you in your business!

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