066: Using Competitions & Offers to Boost Bookings

How to Get More Weeks Booked Using Competitions & Offers

In this episode I share how I’ve used competitions and offers in my business to increase bookings in my holiday let business and built my email list in the process.

066- How to Use Competitions & Offers to Boost Your Bookings

5 Steps to Running a Competition in Your Holiday Let Business and Why You Should Do It

In this episode I share the 5 Steps I follow when I’m running a competition in my Holiday Let Business, why I use competitions and the benefits I’ve seen in building my email list and in pulling in more bookings.

I also run through the way I plan out my email marketing for the year and how to make offers direct to your email subscribers inbox.

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1.Decide on the competition, think about the different factors I mention in the podcast and choose what is right for you.

2.Check the current online competition rules and adhere to them. You will definitely need a Terms and Conditions page and you should have a Privacy Policy already. Ensure you are registered for date protection, which you should be anyway, in the UK you need to register with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) this will vary according to your location – check the rules for where you’re based.

3.Choose your method of collection/entry.

  • I talk about Mailchimp for email marketing and for collecting email with a form you embed on your website using a code provided by Mailchimp – head to the online courses page to learn how to do this step by step in our free Mailchimp course
  • I also mention Opt In Monster and Leadpages (Leadpages is a big step up and has lots of extra functions you may not yet need, this is an affiliate link so if you join Leadpages after using this link I may get paid a small commission, I only ever share products and services that I have used and tested extensively and Leadpages is a staple for me in my online marketing arsenal)
  • I also mention using an online sharing and competition platform such as HeyoShortstack or Woobox all of which have varying price points. Heyo have a 7 day trial, the other you’ll have to check. Non of these are affiliates I haven’t tried or tested these, apart from Heyo I have used the 7 day free trial but I actually chose leadpages over any of them as it does the same and more.
  • Finally I talk about adding an app to your Facebook page – woobox has a great one which is free – take a look at this video that I created and that is available on the Youtube channel

Something you must make sure of when you are choosing a method of collection – it must be mobile responsive! There are many other options available than the ones I’ve mentioned here so have this front of mind when you make your choice.

4. Drive traffic to your competition opt in. I talk about sharing on social media and using paid advertising on Facebook which is a big subject – let me know if you’d like to learn more about Facebook marketing.

5. Follow up.

Head to the online courses page and take the mailchimp course – inside that free course I share how you can use a paid feature of an autoresponder for free and double opt entrants into your email list as well.

This is a short but really packed episode and I’d be really happy to go into detail on anything I discussed here and here’s how:

Do you want to learn how to use Facebook advertising in your Holiday Let Business? If enough listeners let me know they’d like to learn, I can create a short intro course to teach you how to do this. But you must let me know! Head to the contact page right here or leave me a comment below.

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