067: Breaking Accessible Travel Barriers | Srin Madipalli | Accomable.com

Breaking Accessible Travel Barriers

How do we as Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners offer accessible accommodation, what are the requirements? How do we ensure we are offering a smooth, straightforward and stress free stay for someone who is travelling with disabilities?

Accomable originally stemmed from the Disability Horizons Group, an online magazine that Martyn and Srin co-founded in 2011, they recognised a need for education and support for owners of Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Properties and a safe place for guests to book, knowing that their needs will be met whilst travelling.

067- Breaking Accessible Travel Barriers - Srin Madipalli - Accomable.com

Srin is a geneticist turned corporate lawyer turned MBA turned coder and product developer with degrees from Oxford and Kings College London. A big time lover of travel, he co-founded Accomable with Martyn after getting fed up with the difficulties of trying to find accessible travel services.
In this episode, Srin Madipalli Co-founder of Accommable.com, joins me on the podcast and we talk all things accessible accommodation and hopefully allay the fears that owners have of providing the right type of equipment to fit the needs of someone travelling with a disability and ensure their stay is stress free.

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We speak direct to Srin, who shares his valuable knowledge:

  • Srin tells us about his background, where they’re based and how Accomable.com came about and when it got started
  • We chat about Srin and Martin (Martyn Sibley , co-founder) and how they work together inside Accomable.com and what roles they both have within the business
  • We look at the benefits of using Accomable.com from a guest point of view, what can a visitor expect from booking with accomable
  • We look at the benefits of listing a property with Accomable.com as an owner and what we can do do properly equip our properties
  • We address the lack of understanding and lack of available information and education on what owners can do to cater for differently abled people and be ready to welcome all and Srin offers advise for an owner who would like to learn how they can make changes or additions to their property and how to get started
  • Srin explains the vast scope of different ways a property can accomodate differently abled people From someone who is visually impaired or hearing impaired and how they may have different requirements from a property to someone who is a wheelchair user.
  • We look at if the owner has an older property which may never be able to accomodate a wheelchair user due to smaller doorways of old, could they adapt that property to meet the needs of someone who is Visually Impaired or Hearing Impaired, how restricted are they?
  • We talk about the standards and requirements a property must have in order to qualify to list on Accomable.com.
  • We address education and Srin shares how accommable can help owners with education on what to provide and how those properties are vetted when complete
  • We talk about providing external support and the importance of having contacts that owners could draw on to offer additional services for guests that may need support in the home, eg equipment hire close to the accommodation, adapted taxi’s or access to local medical support
  • We chat about how many owners Accommable have on board now and the huge growth they’ve seen in a very short time along with the goals for Accomable.com moving forwards
  • We look at the costs involved for owners to list a property with Accomable.com and how can an owner who would like to list their space with accommable can get in touch – head to hello@accommable.com – direct to Srin himself!
  • Srin shares his guiding philosophy for providing for travelers with additional needs to help us as holiday home owners

Do you offer accommodation that is adapted for a wheelchair user or dofferently abled traveler? What do you offer? How did you get going and what barriers did you come across? How did you get the right education on providing the right equipment?

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