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Ep 07 – 2021: BookingSync & Smily| Sebastian Grosjean| Autopilot for Your Short Term Rental

Sebastien is the CEO and founder of BookingSync & now Smily, channel managers & vacation rental booking software for the short stay professional with single or multiple properties. Sebastien grew up in a family that owns and runs several vacation rental properties, he has experienced the evolution of the industry from the inside so a great viewpoint

professional solutions from 1 property to multi property portfolios

sebastian grosjean – bookingsync & smily

How can a booking software help automate and streamline the guest experience? We look at it all !

short stay virtual summit 2021 – planning is underway !! 🙂

I need your help – I want to make this event the absolute best it can be for 2021 and I would love your input! I have created a series of polls and i’ll be chatting with you inside the group on live vids to talk through what you want to see – so come over and tell me what you want to see 🙂

Without a smooth booking process, direct bookings can be less than simple to attract, it’s all about the super smooth booking process!!

back to the episode

We also chat about:

  • We chat about how BookingSync came about and how the new software, Smily was born and how it differs
  • We compare the two – BookingSync vs Smily and talk about Who each product is for
  • We have a deep dive into some of the features that listeners might be looking for – and answer these questions does it integrate with your own WordPress website? Does BookingSync have a website feature? Can it automate responses throughout the booking process? Can it accept payments? Can it accept reviews, or facilitate collection of reviews?
  • Seb tells us how BookingSync/Smily can improve the experience of the guest 
  • Seb shares some really cool case studies and stories of users who have gone from not using a software of any sort and then starting out with BookingSync and it really having changed their business
  • Seb quite literally grew up been in the VR|HL Industry for some time – he shares how has it changed since he started out
  • As the marketing Director at VillasThalassa – Seb talks about their been your most successful marketing strategy so far? 


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Connect with Sebastien Grosjean on LinkedIn here

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