070: 10 Apps to Run Your Holiday Let Business By

In today’s age of the Smart phone we have everything we could possibly need at our fingertips in the form of apps – there are apps for everything and I have to admit to be entirely addicted to my smart phone and running my entire life from it through a series of exceptionally good apps!

And it’s also true that the apps available now can pretty much help you with every area of your life – there are more and more that will help us run different elements of our Holiday Let businesses too. Whether the property is local to you or further afield, help is available and most in the form of a handy and great value, if not free, app!

070- 10 Apps to Run Your Holiday Let Business By -

So it’s time to embrace technology and utilise it to make your life easier and reduce the stresses of running your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business!

In this episode I walk you through 10 apps that are superb and will help you run your business more smoothly:

1. Inspire Home Automation
2. Magic Plan
3. Canva
4. Snapseed
5. Party Squasher (US only) come on Party sqausher when are you coming to the uk??
6. Xero accounting
7. Your Welcome
8. Google Drive
9. Asana
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