072: 5 Interactive Floor Plan Providers

With Floorplans being one of the most requested features by guests during the bookings process in 2016 – Listen to Episode 049: 4 Must Have Elements of Your Holiday Let Website for 2016 – I wanted to share 5 providers so you can get that flooplan organised and shared with potential guests.

You can share the Floorplan on your website, across social media and on the listing sites to make picturing exactly what it’s going to be like to stay at your Holiday Home easy to imagine by your guests, and therefore your place easier to book.

If a guest still has unanswered questions when they are on your site, they won’t book. You want to answer as many questions as you can with the information your provide, photos, videos and Floorplans are 3 of the most powerful ways to do that, backed up with top notch copy. In Episode 059 I talk to Andy McNulty from GuestHook about the power of copywriting for Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Owners – listen right here.

072- 5 Interactive Floor Plan Providers

In this episode I walk you through 5 Floorplan Providers that offer a great way to create your Floorplan, each offering a good value solution with varying additions, some are very location dependent and others are more controllable. Each works slightly differently and some are location dependent because of the services they offer.

  1. Floorplanner
  2. Cubicasa
  3. Planomatic
  4. MagicPlan
  5. Trueplace

Do you think you’ll be adding a Floorplan to your marketing for your Holiday Let | Vacation Rental Business? Leave me a comment below and let me know what you went for!
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