Ep 08 – 2021: Simon Lehmann – The Road To Post Pandemic Recovery – New Landscape On The Horizon

I wanted to share today’s episode with Simon Lehmann recorded for The Short Stay Virtual Summit in May 2020 because it’s all very relevant today as we are facing yet more lock downs and restrictions on travel.


SIMON LEHMAN – The Road To Post Pandemic Recovery – New Landscape On The Horizon


Simon Lehmann is one of very few world-class vacation rental industry professionals with vast experience across several years in several roles within the Industry.

In this talk, Simon shares his high level view of the Industry as a whole and how we as individuals can navigate what’s happening right now. Simon describes what he sees the new future of the Industry looking like and what we can do to prepare for the upcoming changes and brand new landscape.


Simon Lehmann is one of very few world-class vacation rental industry professionals. Simon is a thought leader and speaker at various international conferences. Additionally, he has served as a President of PhocusWright, the US research and Conference Company that manages global travel events in the United States and Europe.

Simon has just won the Pioneer Award for The Shortyz 2021 🙂 !!!

These expert sessions are all extremely relevant as we face more lockdowns and travel restrictions – This Free Online Event with 30 Expert Speakers sharing their knowledge, Strategies and Tactics for going beyond survival and into Thriving in Today’s Short Stay Industry is still available right now. You can register from inside the facebook group – join the facebook group here.

short stay virtual summit 2021 – planning is underway !! 🙂

I need your help – I want to make this event the absolute best it can be for 2021 and I would love your input! I have created a series of polls and i’ll be chatting with you inside the group on live vids to talk through what you want to see – so come over and tell me what you want to see 🙂

The importance of taking control of your own marketing in the post lockdown world and that owners need to do more than just list on the OTA’s has become extremely obvious in these times.

Mark discusses how owners are surviving these times and the preparation for lockdown and not going dark.

Leave this talk with 3 key actions you can take to focus your marketing efforts on and be prepared for the new post Covid landscape.



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