082: Systemise to Optimise: Creating Freedom with Systems & Processes

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In this episode I’m talking about systems & processes within your Holiday Let Business and why it’s important and something we can all do within our businesses.

Holiday Letting Advice

Why Systemise?

Why Systemise? To Build a Sustainable, Scalable, Future Proof Holiday Let Business

So you can have a business that runs efficiently, to a pre-arranged process, that allows you options, which could be:

  • Income for now
  • Systemise & Sell
  • Foundation
  • Leave as a legacy
  • Operate remotely from the beach

“Let systems run the business and people run the systems”  Michael Gerber

Enquiries System:

Let’s Look at one System that all Holiday Homes Owners have – Enquiries: This is what we want from every enquiry :

  • Guests to have an exceptional experience
  • Guests get a Fast response
  • Key pieces of Information delivered to the guest
  • We Collect money
  • We Collect ID
  • We get a Signed Contract

The Enquiry Process:

This is what it could look like in an un – systemised business:

  1. Booking pings through
  2. Thank you email/ Confirmation email
  3. Request payment
  4. Contract & ID request
  5. Guest signs contract and sends it back
  6. Housekeeping team booked
  7. Directions to property & key collection shared
  8. Guest queries need answering

Each time you receive an enquiry you have to take all these steps from memory, imagine the mental bandwidth you can free up from following a list each time this process occurs. You no need to work from memory, mentally go through and check you’ve done everything, check it again because you’re not sure if you’ve missed something, then repeat this process every day when a new booking comes in.

Next Step:

Recording the Process:

Imagine going from having all of the above 8 points going round in your head each time an enquiry comes in and each time having to mentally check and double check, making sure you’ve not missed a step: Just recording as a list as I’ve done above would be a huge time saver – it also allows you to start thinking about not being the sols person to look after this stage, once its systemised anyone can handle an enquiry, not just you.

Could this possibly mean you could go away for a few days without having to be tied to constantly answering queries?? What a great thought!!

But of course you know there’s more to it than just this list – each step needs an explanation, templates for each response will have to be created and stored plus details of where to access these templates will also have to be created, so each step needs building out.

Creating Templates:

List out all the questions you get from guests and create a templates to answer each question – you get started with my 8 email templates for easy Holiday Letting Management available in the HLS Learning Hub along with our other free resources – click here to join now and access the free email templates


This is where the magic starts to happen – what if we looked at the list above again, only this time with steps we can automate:

  1. Booking pings through
  2. Thank you email/ Confirmation email
  3. Request payment
  4. Contract & ID request
  5. Guest signs contract and sends it back
  6. Housekeeping team booked
  7. Directions to property & key collection shared
  8. Guest queries need answering
  1. Automate –
  2. Automate –
  3. Delegate
  4. Automate
  5. Automate response
  6. Automate
  7. Automate
  8. Delegate

Setting Up & Assigning Tasks:

So you now know the process, each task is written down. You’ve realised there are many steps to take before you can even think about having a few days off, or handing part of this over to someone else. There’s a bit more to do – this is where it starts to become clear that you need to document each step with something that allows you to save, track and tick off each time you do it, attach any useful documents/templates that are required for the task. You also need to be able to assign it someone else in your absence. For when you take that break!!

What Next:

So you can see visuals of what I’m talking about here, and so we can go into a bit more depth, I’m going to present a webinar based on my presentation from VRMIntel Live in London back in March of 2018.

Full details to follow – for now head to the contact page to register your interest and I’ll ensure you get an invite – include ‘Systems Webby’ in the title!

Also Mentioned in This Episode:

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