Ep 1 – 2021 : #BookDirect Day & Beyond

the book direct movement – now in it’s 4th year

In this episode I introduce the #BookDirect Movement for those who haven’t get come across it – and I talk about how to make Direct Bookings a thing in your business not just for the day, the week or the month….but as a completely ordinary day to day thing that happens inside your short term rental business.

Welcome to #BookDirect month 2021 – it’s the fourth year and in this episode I talk about what it is, how important guest education is on the #BookDirect message and how to make every day, every month and every year all about #BookDirect for you and your business.

I also reintroduce myself in this episode to anyone who is new to the podcast – I also let you know about all the FREE Resources we have right now – loooads going on in terms of support over here in HLS world!

Best thing to do is meet me over in the Facebook Group – www.hlspodcast.com/FB then all the links you need to all these amazing resources are there:

First the Facebook Group is full of allsorts of cool stuff and I’m going live daily for #BookDirect Daily in there every day of Feb.

You can also access The Short Stay Virtual Summit from there – more than 25 experts helping you navigate the new landscape we are heading into.

Short Stay Pros FREE Membership area also has loooads of cool thing to help you!

PLUS – Inside the facebook group this week I’ve created 10 FREE #BookDirect Social Media Templates you can tailor for you and your business and use to share your short term rental business 🙂

See you on the inside – www.hlspodcast.com/FB

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making #bookdirect a normal day to day thing inside your business is totally do-able

How to Holiday Let – The Ultimate Getting Started Toolkit is available now – head to the facebook group at www.hlspodcast.com/FB for the latest offers

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