Short Stay Show Podcast – Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg – Growth | Scale | Distribution

Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg joins me from Lavanda, the award-winning SaaS that is shaping the future of Short Stay Businesses, giving providers the foundations on which to grow, scale & distribute

We allow you to increase your operational efficiency, with specific tools for each area

Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg

In short – Lavanda is a next-generation proptech platform. Lavanda enables landlords and property managers to easily capitalize on the fast growing global trend of short stays.

There’s 3 Key areas that Lavanda focus on to ensure their platform will be the backbone of your Short Stay Business and the foundation on which it is built – from Channel Management to Distribution to operations and guest experience.

3 Key areas we focus on – Growth, Scale & Distribution

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We kick off with some quick Q’s to get to know a bit more about fred lerche-lerchenborg

Fred shares his really interesting background and how he used his skills gained in finance to identify a need within the Property market that allowed the development of Lavanda

a journey & evolution of a saas product for the short stay industry

Fred takes us on a journey into how Lavanda was born and how it has grown and evolved into a solution that can be the foundation on which to build and grow your Short Stay Portfolio

  • Fred tells us a little about his background and how he started out in the Short Stay industry
  • Fred tells us how Lavanda was born and how it’s gone from strength to strength working closely with and meeting ?
  • We talk about how Lavanda can help Property Managers and Landlords to be more successful
  • We talk about the interesting changes that we have seen within the industry since Lavanda was first launched and how they continue to grow and evolve and lead change from the forefront as part of the Short Term Accommodation Association
  • Fred and the team have just launched The Professional Host Alliance within the short-term rental sector, he shares how this come about, and how you as our listeners can benefit from getting involved

You’re going to be speaking on stage at The Short Stay Show at London Excel – What can we expect from your team on the day?


  • Lavanda are a key partner of the 2020 Short Stay Show at London ExCel on the 12th March, Lavanda share a sneak preview into what exciting things we as visitors can look forward at the show and what we’ll hear from them on stage !
  • Lavanda shares what we as holiday home owners & short stay professional can do to ensure we are ahead of the curve and truly stand out
  • Fred shares his guiding philosophy/principal based on his experience in the industry
  • We talk about where Fred sees the future of the short stay

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