Short Stay Show Podcast – Influencing Positive Change – Deborah Heather- Quality in Tourism

Deborah Heather joins me from Quality In Tourism, as part of M-Assessment services, they help Hospitality owners assure guests that their host is dedicated to high standards within their business to ensure a memorable guest experience.

We’re here to support and share knowledge, helping you make the best of your business

Quality In Tourism

Quality in Tourism provide the accreditation for the Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) – benefitting the Industry as a whole – we talk about how it’s great for the Short Stay Industry

There’s no testing – we aren’t inspectors, we’re here to help you , not hinder you

@qualitytourism our people are really experienced & here to help short stay providers benchmark themselves & consistently improve Hear the full episode #holidaylet #shortstay @shortstayshow… Click To Tweet

We know the good, the bad and the ugly -our assessors see 300 – 500 properties per year, they’re really really experienced so they help people benchmark themselves to improve their services and what they offer for guests.

Our duty as hosts and operators is to protect consumers and give them the best possible experience

Deborah Heather – Quality In Tourism

how did quality in tourism begin

  • We learn about Deborah’s background and how she started out in this Industry and a look at how Quality in Tourism was born
  • Deborah shares her passion for supporting the Industry as a whole and the individual owners within in

what exactly does accreditation entail?

  • Deborah shares exactly how working with a standard body, such as the Quality In Tourism benchmarking and dispels the ‘Inspectors’ worry that many providers have
  • Deborah tells us the major benefits to us as Short Stay Providers
  • Quality in Tourism also provide the accreditation for the Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) – we talk about how accreditation will benefit The Short Stay Industry as a whole
  • Looking at things from from the guest perspective – how does it benefit them? How will they know the property they are booking is accredited? Do OTA’s allow use of a logo/badge on the listing? Are guests choosing an accredited property over a property that hasn’t been through your checks?
  • What is involved for someone who is thinking of standardising their property to improve their guests experience?
  • The main focus of the inspection and overview of areas covered/inspected
  • We chat about what the costs involved are to get accredited
  • Quality in Tourism have plans for the future and their current expansion and partnerships around the world

safe, clean & legal

Deborah takes us on a journey into how Accreditation works for and can benefit owners

  • I met and chatted to some of the team from Quality in Tourism at The Short Stay Show at London Excel (listen to episode 90 to hear what they had to say) – Deborah shares how important she feels this event is to the development of the Short Stay Community and Industry
  • Quality in Tourism are attending the 2020 Short Stay Show at London ExCel on the 12th March, we talk about what visitors expect when they come and see their team on the stand
  • We look at where Deborah thinks for the future of the Short Stay industry is headed
  • Deborah shares her practical advice on how someone new to the Industry to get started with marketing their property

listen to episode 90 – the short stay show in review

You recently attended the Short Stay Show at London Excel – How important is this event to the development of the Short Stay Community and Industry?


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