Short Stay Show Podcast – Mass Exposure for Your Short Stay – Vanessa De Souza Lage – Rentals United

Vanessa De Souza Lage is the CMO at Rentals United, the channel manager that provides a central location for your all your advertising channels, syndicates your listing out across these sites, saving you hours of work in your Short Stay business. 

A pioneer in distribution technology, Rentals United is trusted by short-term rental professionals around the globe!


With Rentals United you not only have your channel management needs covered… We also give you access to external services to help with your pricing, payment and operations.

Rentals United

Vanessa shares the Story Behind Rentals United

  • Tell us a little about you and your background and how you started out in this Industry and where you’re based. 
  • Did you start in this Industry inside Rentals United, are you a holiday let owner?
  • Tell us exactly how Rentals United works for us as Short Stay providers, how does it save us time in our businesses? What is the major benefit to us?
  • Can Rentals United become your booking software for your website? WordPress? 
  • Does Rentals United advertise too? The bookings are confirmed?
  • Support and ease of set up? Ongoing support?
  • What are the costs involved?
  • Can owners expect an increase in bookings using Rentals United?
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Start, Automate & Grow

Rentals United started in 2015 when the founders of competing vacation rental agencies got together to find an efficient solution to automatic inventory distribution. (Read their story: How Three Competitors came Together to create a Multi Million Euro Startup) The answer was an intuitive platform that stores property information and automatically updates it across multiple listings sites.

Fast forward 4 years and Rentals United’s cloud-based technology is trusted and accessed by vacation rental managers and owners everywhere, as a compact solution for marketing, distribution and operation management. 

Has your #ShortStay got the maximum coverage it needs to max out your calendar? @rentalsunited CMO Vanessa De Souza Lage joins me on the #podcast to share the#channelmanager for #shortstay #accommodation #holidayhome #shortstay… Click To Tweet

You recently attended the Short Stay Show at London Excel – How important is this event to the development of the Short Stay Community and Industry?


Book Your Tickets to The Short Stay Show in 2020 here

  • Rentals United join the list of top notch companies exhibiting and taking part in the 2020 Short Stay Show at London ExCel on the 12th March, Vanessa shares what exciting things we as visitors can look forward at the show?
  • Vanessa shares what we as holiday home owners can do to ensure we are ahead of the curve and truly stand out
  • Vanessa’s guiding philosophy/principal based on his experience in the industry is superbly shared here
  • We talk about where Vanessa sees the future of the holiday let industry headed

Hear more about The Short Stay Show here:

Diane Lloyds one of the creators behind The Short Stay Show joined me on the HLS Podcast – listen to that episode here

Get In Touch with Vanessa & The Team over at Rentals United:

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