Short Stay Show Podcast – Protecting Your Investment – Louise Birriterri – Pikl

Louise Birriterrii joins me from Pikl, where she is CEO. In short – Pikl are Insurance People. 

In short – Pikl are Insurance People. 


Pikl was founded by a small team of experienced Insurance professionals who use and love the sharing economy – but they spotted a huge gap in the market created by the lack of cover between Home Insurance and The Airbnb Guarantee. 

Louise joined me on the podcast to talk protecting your investment – she tells us the ins and outs of Insuring your Short Stay Investment and helps you discover what is and isn’t insured when dealing with ordinary home insurance and the key differences when welcoming guests into your home and into an Short Stay investment property.@pikl_uk Preserving the things you love so you can focus on being a great host – Hear the full episode #holidaylet #airbnb @airbnb #BookDirect #BookDirectHourCLICK TO TWEET

  • Louise shares her background in the Short Stay & Insurance Industry 
  • We learn about how Pikl was born!
  • We look at Who needs insurance? What sort of cover Pikl offers and
  • How would a new Short Stay owner estimate the required cover?
  • What are the costs involved and how can a listener get cover with Pikl? When to get help? 
  • How can owners best protect themselves, their property and protect their rental income against having to make a claim – If a claim situation arises where do you turn first?

Is your #Holidaylet #ShortStay Protected? @pikl_UK ‘s CEO Louise Birriterri joins me on the #podcast to talk #Protecting your #investmentproperty #airbnb #shortstay #travel #sharingeconomyCLICK TO TWEET

  • You recently exhibited at the Short Stay Show at London Excel – How important is this event to the development of the Short Stay Community and Industry?
  • Pikl are a key partner of the 2020 Short Stay Show at London ExCel on the 12th March, what exciting things can visitors look forward to from you at the show?
  • What can we as holiday home owners do to ensure we are ahead of the curve and truly stand out? 
  • Do you have a guiding philosophy/principal that you’d like to share with us?
  • Where do you see the future of the holiday let industry headed?

We mentioned The STAA – learn more about them in the podcast with Merilee Karr from Under the Doormat

You recently exhibited at the Short Stay Show at London Excel – How important is this event to the development of the Short Stay Community and Industry?


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