The Short Stay School

The Short Stay School is the online learning Hub for Short Stay Accommodation providers.

Wherever you are in your journey in the hospitality industry, The Short Stay School has something for you.

Take control of the future of your Short Stay Business, bring in more direct bookings and work from anywhere

An oracle of over the shoulder, simple to follow videos that take you from where you are to where you want to be. At your pace, meeting you where you are.

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One on One Guidance

Ready to get your Short Stay Business up and running but don’t know where to start?

Feel like the only way forward may be handing it off to the big listing sites?

I can walk you through and help you set up all the moving parts you’ll need to run your business effectively and efficiently from day one. Ensuring each guests stay is smooth and your business is working without you having to do repetitive task after repetitive task.

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Channel Manager Implementation

Never worked with a channel manager before?

An amazing tool that will revolutionise your business. 

I’ll help you choose, get you set up and record videos for your to refer back to moving forwards.

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Introducing the

Short Stay School

Start where you are.
Move to where you want to be.
Take control of the future of your Short Stay Business

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