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Stasher came about in 2015 as the brain-child of two Oxford Graduates.  Anthony lived near Kings Cross in London and regularly had friends asking if they could leave bags at his place so they could explore the city. They quickly realised hundreds of people must have this problem each day, and with struggling small high street businesses across the city that have extra space, this could be the perfect place to store them. They now have over 1000 storage locations across the world, all over Europe, US, Aus and Asia including hotel brands like Acccor and Premier Inn. 

Catherine Ainsley & Jack Muchlinski

No need for cash – with Stasher you can book on-demand and leave your luggage in secure storage rooms


Stasher was founded by Anthony, Jacob and Matt. People were always asking to store their things at Anthony’s home near King’s Cross. When Jacob asked in 2015, Anthony replied “Sure, but I’m charging you for it”. This joke was the lightbulb moment. On 21 September 2015 CityStasher Ltd (now Stasher) was incorporated.

Stasher is the world’s first luggage storage network. We connect you with hotels and stores that can keep your luggage safe while you enjoy your time in a city.


Catherine & Jack joined me on the podcast to tell us how Stasher has gone from three co-founders to an awesome team set on expansion which has so far taken them all over Europe, and into North America and Australia

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Quick Fire Round Q’s

Just for fun Q’s to get to know a bit more about Catherine & Jack

  1. Tell us a little about you and your background and how you started out in this Industry ?
  2. Best piece of advice you were given?
  3. Holiday destination of choice?
  4. Your Favourite city in the world?
  5. Favourite podcast?
  6. Can you tell us about your role within Stasher and when you joined?

Stasher is a convenient alternative to luggage storage lockers and station left luggage facilities


From Lightbulb Moment to World Domination

Stasher was Co-founded by Jacob & Anthony we learn how these guys met and collaborated and a bit about their backgrounds

  • We chat about the story behind Stasher and how it came to be created and when it got started
  • Where was the first Stashpoint – shout out to their first Stashpoint provider who is still with them today!
  • They tell us how Stasher works for Short Stay Providers – If it’s available worldwide and we discuss the ease of use, cost and set up 
  • Catherine & Jack explain how do we book a luggage storage as a host or if it’s better to get the guest to head straight for the website and book themselves
  • We chat about where the Stashpoints are located and how the guest finds them
  • They share what requirements are needed to drop luggage from a security perspective – how is the luggage connected to the owner of the bag? 
  • How does the pricing work? Are bags insured for the duration?
  • Do you find owners tend to offer this service to guests as part of the booking process now?
  • What’s the future like for Stasher?
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  • Stasher attended The Short Stay Show at London Excel – How important is this event to the development of the Short Stay Community and Industry?
  • Are Stasher going to be part of the 2020 Short Stay Show at London ExCel on the 12th March, what exciting things can visitors look forward to from you at the show?
  • Catherine & Jack share, based on their experience what we as holiday home owners can do to ensure we are ahead of the curve and truly stand out
  • Do you have a guiding philosophy/principal that you’d like to share with us?
  • Where do you see the future of the holiday let industry headed?

You recently exhibited at the Short Stay Show at London Excel – How important is this event to the development of the Short Stay Community and Industry?


Get In Touch with the Team at Stasher

Visit the Stasher Website

Find Stasher on Facebook Here

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